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EU-DPRK Political Dialogue – 14th Session

Bruxelles, 25/06/2015 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 150625_01
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In the context of the regular political dialogue between the European Union (EU) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), a delegation led by Mr Gerhard Sabathil, Director for North East Asia and the Pacific in the European External Action Service, visited Pyongyang between 19 and 24 June 2015 and held meetings with the authorities of the DPRK. It was the 14th session of this dialogue since 1998.

The scope of discussions covered all the issues of concern to the EU and the international community: non-proliferation (nuclear/WMD and ballistic missile programmes), regional stability and security, and the respect of human rights. Socio-economic issues, including the humanitarian situation in the country, and the state-of-play and prospects of EU-DPRK relations were also addressed. The exchange of views was frank and comprehensive.

The political dialogue is an integral part of the EU’s policy of critical engagement towards the DPRK which aims at contributing to achieve peace and stability on the Korean peninsula, upholding the international non-proliferation regime and improving the respect of human rights. The EEAS delegation urged the DPRK to re-engage in meaningful terms with the international community on all issues of concern and expressed the EU’s interest to further develop bilateral relations if substantial progress on those issues is  achieved.

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