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A new group of Political Advisors for EU Missions and Operations graduate from the ESDC

03/07/2018 - 15:33
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The 7th ESDC Advanced Course for Political Advisors in EU Missions and Operations concluded on 11 June 2018 in Vienna, where the Austrian National Defence Academy organised the third and last module of the course.

Lieutenant-General Erich Citkovic

The course culminated in this module, which saw the participants apply all the knowledge and skills they had acquired throughout the course in a short exercise featuring a crisis affecting the European Union's interests. Working under pressure, with limited access to information and very little guidance, the course participants managed to provide sound advice to the fictitious EUFOR Commander and Head of EUCAP mission in RANUA.

They presented both leaders on the ground with an assessment of the potential political consequences of their decisions and the impact of various operational activities on the population, EU interests and mission effectiveness.

Twenty-five civilians, diplomats, and police and military officers from the Member States and EU Institutions, CSDP missions and operations successfully completed the course. Concluding, the Head of the Austrian National Defence Academy, Lieutenant-General Erich Citkovic, thanked participants for their sustained efforts in meeting the course objectives and presented them with the course certificate.