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European Security and Defence College (ESDC)


The ESDC is a network college. Several national universities, academies, colleges and institutes contribute to the success of the ESDC. The network members are well known civilian and military educational and research institutions in Europe.


The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) was established in 2005, with the aim of providing strategic-level education in European Security and Defence Policy, now Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). It followed thorough need analysis and experimentation phases. The creation of the ESDC was to give the Common Security and Defence Policy a training and education instrument which actively promotes a European security culture.

EU Member States participate in the effort on a voluntary basis. The training audience includes civil servants, diplomats, police officers, and military personnel from the EU Member States and EU institutions involved in CSDP. Partner countries and other international organisations are also invited to participate in some of the ESDC courses. In its first 5 years, the ESDC has developed into a key strategic CSDP training provider.

The objective of the ESDC is to provide Member States and EU Institutions with knowledgeable personnel able to work efficiently on CSDP matters. In pursuing this objective, the College makes a major contribution to a better understanding of CSDP in the overall context of CFSP and to promoting a common European security culture.

The ESDC training programme includes all training activities and comprises courses, seminars, conferences, exercises and workshops.
 Training Activity  Member State/ EU Institution From To  Location  ESDC Secretariat Support
Improving Performance in the CSDP Missions IE 07/01/2019 09/01/2019 Dublin (IE) charlotta.ahlmark@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Orientation Course and National Alumni Seminar  AT 04/02/2019 08/02/2019 Chisinau (MD) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
Pre Deployment Training  Course 2 RO 05/02/2019 08/02/2019 Brussels (BE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
The Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict  AT 17/02/2019 22/02/2019 Brussels (BE) joao.MADALENO@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Course for Political Advisors in CSDP Missions and Operations Module 1 BE 18/02/2019 22/02/2019 Brussels (BE) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Course on Crisis Management Capability Development//EU’s civilian and military capability development FR 19/02/2019 21/02/2019 Brussels (BE) joao.MADALENO@eeas.europa.eu
ESDC Alumni Seminar RO/EUISS 21/02/2019 22/02/2019 Brussels (BE) ovidiu.simina@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Orientation Course  GR 25/02/2019 01/03/2019 Thesniki (EL) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
Common Module on CSDP (based on ESDC Orientation Course curriculum) IT 04/03/2019 08/03/2019 Turin (IT) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
Pre Deployment Training  Course for CSDP missions 3 AT 05/03/2019 08/03/2019 Brussels (BE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
International Course for Legal Advisors -Mod 1 AT 11/03/2019 15/03/2019 Brussels (BE) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
The Challenge of Space for EU and CSDP FR 12/03/2019 14/03/2019 Brussels (BE) joao.MADALENO@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Modular Training Mod 1-Integration approach GR, IT, SE,EUMS 12/03/2019 14/03/2019 Brussels (BE) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Training Programme EaP    CSDP Orientation Seminar   AT/RO 18/03/2019 22/03/2019 Brussels (BE) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
Strategic Communication in  Security and Defence  RO / IE 25/03/2019 29/03/2019 Bucharest (RO) ovidiu.simina@eeas.europa.eu
 14th CSDP High Level Course Mod 3 RO 01/04/2019 05/04/2019 Bucharest (RO) ovidiu.simina@eeas.europa.eu
Common Module on CSDP
(based on ESDC Orientation Course curriculum)
GR 01/04/2019 05/04/2019 Athens (EL) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
Common Module Law of Armed Conflict GR 01/04/2019 05/04/2019 Athens (EL) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
CDSP Course on Building Integrity/Reducing Corruption in the Defence and Security Sector UK/EE/LV/LT 01/04/2019 04/04/2019 Tartu (EE) joao.MADALENO@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Modular Training Mod 2a-CSDP Operations Planning GR, IT, SE,EUMS 01/04/2019 05/04/2019 Thesniki (EL) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
European Union Logistics Fundamentals Course (EULFC)  EUMS, MLCC 01/04/2019 05/04/2019 Brussels (BE) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
Communication of EU strategic message and countering fake news and electronic disinformation RO/Council of the EU 01/04/2019 01/04/2019 Brussels (BE) ovidiu.simina@eeas.europa.eu
Challenges of EU Cyber Security FR/PT  tbc 02/04/2019 04/04/2019 Brussels (BE) marios.thoma@eeas.europa.eu
Pre Deployment Training  Course for CSDP missions 4 FI 02/04/2019 05/04/2019 Brussels (BE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
Security Sector Reform Core Course AT 03/04/2019 11/04/2019 Brussels (BE) leo.LINDQVIST@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Orientation Course  PL 08/04/2019 12/04/2019 Warsaw (PL) joao.MADALENO@eeas.europa.eu
Training of the trainers (ToT 04 19) DE 08/04/2019 12/04/2019 Bruhl (DE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Course for Political Advisors in CSDP Missions and Operations Module 2 CH  08/04/2019 12/04/2019 Geneva (CH) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
The Challenges of Securing Maritime Areas for the European Union - Common Module   GR 08/04/2019 12/04/2019 Athens (EL) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Modular Training Mod 2b-CSDP Operations Planning GR, IT, SE,EUMS 08/04/2019 12/04/2019 Thesniki (EL) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
European Union Logistics in Operations Course (EULOC) EUMS, MLCC 08/04/2019 12/04/29019 Brussels (BE) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
Climate Change and Security  BG 23/04/2019 26/04/2019 Sofia (BG) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
Common Module Law of Armed Conflict IT 06/05/2019 10/05/2019 Turin (IT) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
Press and Public Information  EEAS 06/05/2019 09/05/2019 Brussels (BE) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
International Course for Legal Advisors -Mod 2 AT 06/05/2019 10/05/2019 TBC Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
From Conflict Analysis to Integrated Action: Generating Strategies for Intervention IE 08/05/2019 10/05/2019 Maynooth (IE) charlotta.ahlmark@eeas.europa.eu
Pre Deployment Training  Course for CSDP missions 5 DE 14/05/2019 17/05/2019 Brussels (BE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Modular Training Mod 1-Integration approach GR, IT, SE,EUMS 14/05/2019 16/05/2019 Brussels (BE) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
Energy challenges for EU and CSDP FR 14/05/2019 16/05/2019 Brussels (BE) symeon.zambas@eeas.europa.eu
Comprehensive Approach to Gender in Operations ES,NL 20/05/2019 24/05/2019 Madrid leo.LINDQVIST@eeas.europa.eu
Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue Skills for CSDP   IE 20/05/2019 24/05/2019 Maynooth (IE) charlotta.ahlmark@eeas.europa.eu
The Challenges of Securing Maritime Areas for the European Union RO/ES/BG 20/05/2019 24/05/2019 Constanta alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
EU Basic Course on SSR ES 21/05/2019 21/05/2019 Madrid (ES) joao.MADALENO@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP  EaP Refection Seminar , Alumni Seminar  AT/RO 21/05/2019 24/05/2019 In region Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
Crisis Response
to Mass Migration
and  Refugees’ Flows
GR 27/05/2019 31/05/2019 Kilkis (EL) ovidiu.simina@eeas.europa.eu
Security Sector Reform Core Course FI 02/06/2019 07/06/2019 Helsinki (FI)  
 14th CSDP High Level Course Mod 4 HU, CEPOL,EUISS 03/06/2019 07/06/2019 Budapest (HU) ovidiu.simina@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Orientation Course  RO 03/06/2019 07/06/2019 Brussels (BE) alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
International Course for Legal Advisors -Mod 3 AT 03/06/2019 07/06/2019 TBC Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Course for Political Advisors in CSDP Missions and Operations Module 3 AT 03/06/2019 07/06/2019 Vienna (AT) Jochen.rehrl@eeas.europa.eu
Pre Deployment Training  Course for CSDP missions 6 DE 04/06/2019 07/06/2019 Brussels (BE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Modular Training Mod 2a-CSDP Operations Planning GR, IT, SE,EUMS 17/06/2019 21/06/2019 Rome (IT)  alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
Course on Recovery and Stabilisation Strategies   AT 24/06/2019 29/06/2019 TBC leo.LINDQVIST@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Orientation Course  ES 01/07/2019 05/07/2019 Madrid (ES) leo.LINDQVIST@eeas.europa.eu
Pre Deployment Training  Course for CSDP missions 7 GR 02/07/2019 05/07/2019 Brussels (BE) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
Training of the trainers (ToT 07 19) DE/ EUAM UKRAINE 08/07/2019 12/07/2019 Kiyv (UA) irene.eich@eeas.europa.eu
Advanced Modular Training Mod 2b-CSDP Operations Planning GR, IT, SE,EUMS 08/07/2019 12/07/2019 Rome (IT)  alin.BODESCU@eeas.europa.eu
CSDP Strategic Planning Process of  Missions and Operations AT/FI 15/07/2019 19/07/2019 Brussels (BE) charlotta.ahlmark@eeas.europa.eu




ENLIST nominators

ENLIST is a secure Internet application for nominating participants to the courses of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).

Each Member State has a limited number of ENLIST national points of contact (ENLIST POCs) that are responsible for registering selected participants from that Member State (from various ministries and services) for ESDC courses

To register for a course, contact one of the ENLIST POCs in your Member State.

In case the POC for your Member State is not displayed in the list, please contact the ESDC, e-mail: Secretariat-ESDC@eeas.europa.eu.

Here is the list of ENLIST POCs in the EU Member States.

Country/EU Institution Last Name First Name E-mail Institution
Austria KICK Sandra sandra.kick@bmlv.gv.at National Defence Academy
Austria WIESER Walter walter.wieser@bmlv.gv.at Ministry of Defence 
Austria Huber Elmar Elmar.HUBER@bmeia.gv.at Ministry of Europe,Integration and Foreign Affairs
Austria KRICHELI Beatrice Beatrice.KRICHELI@bmeia.gv.at Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs
Belgium RUIZ GONZALEZ FRANCISCO tacoruiz@hotmail.com Ministry of Defence 
Belgium SASSEL Vincent vincent.sassel@diplobel.fed.be Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs
Belgium CANDAELE ELS els.candaele@diplobel.fed.be Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Belgium VAN HECKE Ben Ben.VanHecke@mil.be Ministry of Defence 
Belgium JACKSON Andy andy.jackson@mil.be Ministry of Defence 
Belgium Van Dijck Nico Nico.VanDijck@diplobel.fed.be Permanent Representation of Belgium to the European Union
Bulgaria APOSTOLOV Kiril k_apostolov@yahoo.com   Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute
Bulgaria BOGDANOVA Marusia m.bogdanova@mod.bg Ministry of Defence
Bulgaria PETKOVA Mariya Mariya.V.PETKOVA@mfa.bg Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute
Croatia Popović Vanja vanja.popovic@mvep.hr Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Cyprus FIRILLAS Michalis mfirillas@mfa.gov.cy Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Cyprus Georgiou  Iacovos igeorgiou@mfa.gov.cy Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the EU
Czech Republic KRAUS Milan natokraus@seznam.cz Ministry of Defence 
Czech Republic Jeřábková Věra  Vera_Jerabkova@mzv.cz Diplomatic Academy
Czech Republic VINTROVA Bernadeta bernadeta_vintrova@mzv.cz Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Czech Republic LISKOVA Jana jana_liskova@mzv.cz Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Czech Republic Hrdina Otakar  hrdinao@army.cz Ministry of Defence 
Czech Republic Koštialova Andrea andrea.kostialova@mzv.sk Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Denmark Varnild  Anna Cecilie fsb-niras@niras.dk Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Denmark Skovsø Clausen Anders  andecl@um.dk Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Denmark Bejerholm Heidi heibej@um.dk Permanent representation
EEAS Chianale Elisa Elisa.CHIANALE@eeas.europa.eu EEAS - INTCEN
EEAS PIERARD Cedric cedric.pierard@eeas.europa.eu EEAS - Training
EEAS LAINSCEK Klaudija Klaudija.LAINSCEK@eeas.europa.eu EEAS - CPCC
EEAS TOMOVA Adelina Adelina.TOMOVA@eeas.europa.eu EEAS
EEAS PAPAMICHAIL Maria Maria.PAPAMICHAIL@eeas.europa.eu EEAS - Training
EEAS Pungerčar Tilen Tilen.PUNGERCAR@eeas.europa.eu EU INTCEN
EEAS RIBOULET Patricia patricia.riboulet@eeas.europa.eu EEAS - CPCC
EEAS Balcer Dobromila dobromila.balcer@frontex.europa.eu FRONTEX
EEAS - CMPD BUTAEYE  Véronique cmpd-administration@eeas.europa.eu CMPD
EEAS - CMPD KAMPJUT  Natalija Natalija.kampjut@eeas.europa.eu CMPD
EEAS - CMPD Gillès de Pélichy Sigrid Sigrid.Gilles-de-Pelichy@eeas.europa.eu CMPD
EEAS - EUMS BUMBARU Sterian Sterian.BUMBARU@eeas.europa.eu EUMS
ESA Percheron Véronique veronique.percheron@esa.int European Space Agency
Estonia LOMAN Evelin Evelin.Loman@mfa.ee MFA 
Estonia METSMA Merilin merilin.metsma@kaitseministeerium.ee Ministry of Defence
EU Commission DILLON Karen karen.dillon@ec.europa.eu DG HR, unit HR.B.3
EU Council General Secretariat PEIPPO  Kimmo  kimmo.peippo@consilium.europa.eu EU Council, General Secretariat
EU Council General Secretariat WILLOCKS Elizabeth secretariat.staff-development@consilium.europa.eu EU Council, General Secretariat
EU Parliament Secretariat Blaszauer Jozsef jozsef.blaszauer@europarl.europa.eu European Parliament
EU SATCEN GAMARRA Antonio antonio.gamarra@satcen.europa.eu European Union Satellite Centre
EU SATCEN COIRAS LOPEZ Enrique enrique.coiras@satcen.europa.eu European Union Satellite Centre
EU SATCEN MARIANO Maria Lucia MariaLucia.Mariano@satcen.europa.eu European Union Satellite Centre
EUAM Ukraine HAZU Sorin-Gabriel  sorin-gabriel.hazu@euam-ukraine.eu EUAM Ukraine
EUAM Ukraine GOEBEL Stefan stefan.goebel@euam-ukraine.eu EUAM Ukraine
EUAM Ukraine Babiichuk Tetiana Tetiana.BABIICHUK@euam-ukraine.eu EUAM Ukraine
EUBAM Libya Halberg  Peter-Bastian  peter-bastian.halberg@eubam-libya.eu EUBAM Libya
EULEX Kosovo VALIER Hannelore Hannelore.Valier@eulex-kosovo.eu EULEX Kosovo
EUMM Georgia Rukhadze Lela Lela.Rukhadze@EUMM.EU EUMM Georgia
EUMM Georgia O' Sullivan Maura Maura.OSULLIVAN@EUMM.EU EUMM Georgia
European Defence Agency LE THI Uyen Uyen.LETHI@eda.europa.eu European Defence Agency
Europol Staudinger-Wood Astrid Astrid.Staudinger-Wood@europol.europa.eu EUROPOL
Europol Curvelo Paula paula.curvelo@europol.europa.eu EUROPOL
Finland Strandman  Iiris iiris.strandman@formin.fi Ministry for Foreign Affairs 
France TABIT Mohamed mohamed.tabit@diplomatie.gouv.fr Permanent Representation to the EU
France MARTIN Morganne Morganne.Martin@ihedn.fr IHEDN
France THOMAS Adam Thomas.Adam@ihedn.fr IHEDN
France MEUNIER Céline celine.meunier@ihedn.fr IHEDN
FRONTEX BALCER Dobromila dobromila.balcer@frontex.europa.eu  
FRONTEX Krassowska Katarzyna katarzyna.krassowska@frontex.eu  
Germany Kaspar Andreas AndreasKaspar@BMVg.BUND.DE German MoD 
Germany Dilsky Alexandra alexandra.dilsky@diplo.de Federal Foreign Office
Greece SACHARIDIS Dimitrios saharides.dimitrios@mfa.gr Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Hungary CSABA Réka RCsaba@mfa.gov.hu Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Hungary Szűcs Márta szucs.marta@hm.gov.hu Ministry of Defence
Hungary Szenasi Anna ASzenasi@mfa.gov.hu Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Hungary Kiss Petra kiss.petra@hm.gov.hu Ministry of Defence
Ireland NOLAN Marian Marian.Nolan@defence.ie Department of Defence
Ireland Hilliard (Birchall) Carmel carmel.birchall@defence.ie Department of Defence 
Italy LOMBARDO Roberto primo.form2s@smd.difesa.it Defence General Staff
Italy TRAVISANI Marco marco.travisani@interno.it Ministry of Interior
Italy CALIANO DANIELE daniele.caliano@poliziadistato.it State Police
Italy BARTOLUCCI Maria Luisa bartolucciml@esteri.it Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Italy Montemarani  Giacomo Giacomo.montemarani@esteri.it  
Italy ROMEO Sebastiana sebastiana.romeo@agenziadogane.it Customs and Monopolies Agency 
Latvia ZVIRGZDA Raima Raima.Zvirgzda@mod.gov.lv Ministry of Defence
Latvia Narnicka Olga  olga.narnicka@mfa.gov.lv Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Latvia VILCANE Ineta ineta.vilcane@mfa.gov.lv Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Lithuania Paulaviciute Indre Indre.Paulaviciute@mil.lt Ministry of Defence
Lithuania KUDABA Aleksandras aleksandras.kudaba@urm.lt Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Luxembourg SCHWANDT Frédéric frederic.schwandt@mae.etat.lu LU Permanet  Representation to the Eu
Malta PISANI Joseph afm.esdp@gov.mt Armed Forces
Malta GALEA ROBERTS Neville neville.galea-roberts@gov.mt Maltese Land Forces
Netherlands VAN ROSSUM Rianne R.v.Rossum.01@mindef.nl Ministry of Defence 
Netherlands van.soelen annemieke annemieke-van.soelen@minbuza.nl Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Poland MIZURA Grzegorz gmizura@mon.gov.pl Ministry of Defence
Poland MAREK Grzegorz gmarek@mon.gov.pl Military Personnel Department, Ministry of National Defence
Poland MIKUŁA Aleksandra aleksandra.mikula@msz.gov.pl Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Poland ATLAS Anna anna.atlas@msz.gov.pl Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Portugal BRITO Carlos carlos.brito@mne.pt Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Portugal RODRIGUES JOSE jose.rodrigues@mne.pt Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Portugal Da Silva Lopes Morais Branco Paulo Jorge paulo.branco@defesa.pt Ministry of Defence
Portugal Mendonça Sérgio sergio.mendonca@mne.pt Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Romania PETCU Adina adina.petcu@mae.ro Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Slovakia Žarnovičanová Diana diana.zarnovicanova@mzv.sk Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs 
Slovenia KIRN Mateja mateja.kirn@mors.si Ministry of Defence
Slovenia GORENC Pavlina pavlina.gorenc@mors.si Ministry of Defence
Slovenia KRIZMAN Sonja sonja.krizman@gov.si Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Slovenia VAH Igor igor.vah@mors.si Permanent Representation to the EU
Spain IZQUIERDO FERNANDO fizquierdos@fn.mde.es Ministry of Defense
Spain Ruiz González   Francisco José  digenpol.cops@reper.maec.es Ministry of Defense
Spain MARTIN PASCUAL FERNANDO fernando.martin@reper.maec.es Permanent Representation
Sweden BOCHU Annie annie.bochu@gov.se Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Sweden NISSEN Zakarias zakarias.nissen@gov.se Ministry for Foreign Affairs
United Kingdom Fernandes Leo leo.fernandes@fco.gov.uk Foreign and Commonwealth Office
United Kingdom Rivas Lorena lorena.rivas@fco.gov.uk Foreign and Commonwealth Office 



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Over the years, the ESDC has developed over 50 different training activities, most of them with a regional or horizontal focus. Two of the more general courses are on the Common Foreign and Security Policy itself, at newcomer level in the case of the CSDP Orientation Course and at strategic leadership level in the case of the CSPD High Level Course. The other courses/seminars/conferences focus on horizontal (e.g. peacebuilding) and regional (e.g. Western Balkan) issues. Specific training programmes for partners (e.g. Eastern Partners) and skills based courses (e.g. mediation) complement the academic programme of the college.



A. About the Initiative

The European Doctoral School on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) is an initiative launched in 2017 by volunteer institutions and the European Security and Defence College to develop a range of training and provide support for doctoral research on the CSDP in the EU.

Its objective is to develop a critical mass of scientific and academic expertise that brings together supervisors and mentors and promotes the exchange of knowledge, skills and competences on European security and defence with a view to providing support for PhD level research reflecting on the CSDP.

It offers a specialized training program supplementary to the courses organized by its network institutions in their doctoral curricula and supports multi-disciplinary doctoral researches with relevant European training and environments in the following areas:

  • Cyber, new technologies and security in the CSDP context
  • Critical infrastructure, personnel and logistics in CSDP
  • Defense industry and capabilities for the CSDP
  • Partner capacity-building and external relations in the CSDP context
  • History, conflict studies, concepts, values and ethics of the CSDP
  • Defence economics, financing, education, training and leadership in the CSDP context
  • Governance, management, decision-making and deployment for CSDP

B. Governance

It is steered by a Working Group coordinated by the ESDC. All the member institutions and the associate members that have committed themselves to the principles set out in the European Doctoral School’s Charter are represented in this Working Group.

C. Who can participate?

C.1       Researchers in pursue of their PhD can access a wide range of academic, scientific and practical expertise and specialised training opportunities on the CSDP as well as fellowship programmes offered by institutions of the network.

C.2       European experts on the CSDP benefit from the networking of academic, scientific and practical expertise and experience meeting in the European Doctoral School in promoting the exchange of information, raising the profile of their work and specific research areas, and helping identify appropriate resources for doctoral students.

C.3       Training institutions with Doctoral award capabilities can partner with institutions in the CSDP field, as in‑house academic specialisation in this field represents a significant investment.

C.4       Institutions (including research and training institutes) without Doctoral award capabilities, through their participation, increase recognition of their expertise and experience in the CSDP field. They also benefit from working with doctoral researchers both during and after the research period.

D. How to participate?

D.1       Researchers in pursue of their PhD are invited to apply by submitting to the ESDC's Secretariat an application form and the documents referred in the respective checklist.

The applications can be submitted until 15 February 2019.

The attention of the applicants is drawn on the fact that financial support for participation to the 2019 CSDP Summer University will not be granted.

D.2       European experts on the CSDP, whose Institutions are members of the network, can contribute to the initiative, by participating either as research mentors or as supervisors. Membership application should be sent to the Doctoral School Working Group, in the format of the following datasheet

D.3       Training institutions with Doctoral award capabilities apply for membership to the Doctoral School Working Group.

D.4       Institutions (including research and training institutes) without Doctoral award capabilities apply for membership to the Doctoral School Working Group.

D.5       Other entities willing to actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the European Doctoral School can propose projects for joint actions to the Doctoral School Working Group.


For contacting the Working Group of the European Doctoral School on the CSDP: secretariat-esdc@eeas.europa.eu


ESDC Bodies
Head of the ESDC
Responsibility for organising and managing ESDC training activities and for the financial and administrative management of the ESDC
Mr. Dirk Dubois
Steering Committee
Responsibility for the overall co-ordination and direction of the ESDC training
Mr. Joao Barbedo
Executive Academic Board
activitiesResponsibility for ensuring the quality and coherence of the ESDC training activities
Dr. Mircea Mindrescu
National College of Home Affairs (Romania)
Responsibility to assist the Head of the ESDC in fulfilling his tasks


EAB configurations
EAB.SSR (Security Sector Reform) Board
Mr. Claes Nilsson
Folke Bernadotte Academy
EAB.IG (Implementation Group)
Dr. Harald Gell
Austrian Military Academy
EAB.eLCIP (eLearning, Cyber Security and Internet Performance) Board
Dr. Jochen Rehrl

EAB.Doc.School(European Doctoral School on CSDP) Board




Dr. Sylvain Paile

University of Liège,

« Vasil Levski » National Military University of Bulgaria

EAB.WGMOT (Working Group on CSDP Missions ans Operations-related Training) Board

Dr. Petteri Taitto

Laurea University of Applied Sciences


We are delighted to announce that we are accepting applications for internships for 2019!

The aim of the internship is to offer candidates the opportunity of working at the ESDC, participating in the organisation and conduct of training activities towards a better understanding of CSDP in the overall context of CFSP, as part of their studies.

It is addressed to students who are currently enrolled in an academic institute in order to obtain a Bachelor's or a Master's degree. Applicants shall be selected on the basis of the academic profile and motivation. The internship period should last at least three and at most six months and candidates must be nationals from the European Member States. Thorough knowledge of one CSDP language (EN/FR) and satisfactory knowledge of the other one are required.


  • Facilitate the conduct of ESDC training activities in general and of specific training activities in support of CSDP missions and operations and capacity building
  • Contribute to the Internet performance and PR activities of the ESDC
  • Prepare dossiers for the meetings of the ESDC bodies;
  • Provide logistic and administrative support for the organisation and coordination of meetings and other events
  • Act as a point of contact for queries and requests from the national institutes' POCs

Before applying, please read carefully the Administrative Instruction II/2019 concerning information about the selection procedure as well as the rights and duties of the interns.  Do not hesitate to ask us any further questions!

Please send the Internship Application Form and your CV following the European CV form (https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/documents/curriculum-vitae) until 28 December 2018 at: SECRETARIAT-ESDC@eeas.europa.eu

The protection of your personal data is very important at the ESDC and they will be handled as appropriate.


Phone number: 

+322584 6217



Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ESDCforCSDP

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/school/european-security-and-defence-college/


Avenue de Cortenbergh 115 , 1040, Brussels


Functional Mailbox: