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Working for Human Security - News on the civilian CSDP Missions / December 2019

05/12/2019 - 11:47
Working for Human Security – News on the civilian CSDP Missions

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Civilian CSDP Missions work for human security
Civilian CSDP Missions work for human security

From Compact to Impact


Member states recently approved the crisis management concept for a new civilian CSDP Mission in the Central-African Republic. As you read this, CPCC-experts, supported by colleagues from the FPI are carrying out technical assessment, analysing in-depth the practical conditions and the environment of a possible future Mission.

Another highlight was the recent Annual Review Conference in Brussels during which member state representatives and experts from the respective EU services reviewed  progress since the launch of the Compact to strengthen civilian CSDP one year ago. The CSDP Compact has started to deliver results both nationally (e.g. structured coordination mechanisms in inter-ministerial cooperation) as well as at the headquarters of the civilian Missions, the CPCC in Brussels (e.g. strengthening of organisational structures to optimise the use of human resources made available by Member States).

The aforementioned Annual Review Conference was chaired by the new EEAS Managing Director for Conflict Prevention and Security Policy, Pawel Herczynski, who coined the motto of the conference: 'From Compact to Impact!'. The civilian Missions have demonstrated their utility as flexible EU tools for crisis management. It is a safe bet that the demand for civilian security actors will continue to grow.

This CPCC newsletter highlights again representative activities from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, where the ten (soon to be eleven) civilian CSDP Missions and the Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell work for human security.