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Civilian and Military EU Missions: Increasing human security in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East

22/02/2018 - 12:32
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Countering piracy off the Somali coast, training Palestinian Civilian Police, advising the Iraqi government on civilian security, empowering Malian authorities to fight terrorism: 5,000 men and women work in challenging and at times dangerous circumstances to increase stability in Africa, Europe and the Middle-East. These civilians and military may serve far from home, but they contribute directly to our own security inside the European Union.

It is also thanks to our 16 civilian and military Missions, that our partners around the world increasingly look at the European Union as a global security provider.

"The world we live in is not just unpredictable or unstable, but confused", says Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy." Our citizens and our partners need a strong point of reference – a credible, cooperative and reliable power."

Our 16 Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Missions and Operations on the ground have become an essential feature of our foreign policy.



As a Union of small- and medium-sized countries, we have a shared European interest in facing the world together. This is not about creating a European army. This is about combining our national resources for our common security and our common defence. For the security of humans in Europe and elsewhere. Because security in Europe demands peace beyond our borders. 

"EUCAP trainings help us to transform the police to a force capable to adapt and respond to the needs of the Malian population", says Lamine Coulibaly, a Malian Police Inspector about EUCAP Sahel Mali, the civilian EU Mission in Mali.

The "CSDP Missions and Operations Annual Report 2017" tells the story how our civilian and military experts work to increase human security, to promote the rule of law and to empower our local partners on three continents.

What we did, what we achieved, whom we worked with and what our partners say about us – read the Annual Report to learn more.