Sanctions policy


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The presentation of the new Global Strategy for the EU's foreign and security policy in June 2016 kick started a process of closer cooperation amongst Member States in the field of security and defence. This subsequently led to the adoption of the so-called "defence package" which consists of various different instruments and measures to cope with today’s threats and security challenges.

All 28 EU member states stand united behind the Iran deal, which has been effective in limiting the country's nuclear programme.


The EU today adopted new sanctions in response to North Korea's missile programme, aiming to pressure Pyongyang into dialogue aiming at peaceful, verifiable denuclearisation. The sanctions complement and reinforce the UN Security Council sanctions, and take effect immediately.


We bear a great responsibility, and have an important opportunity to show the immense potential of our European Union – as an indispensable power for peace and security, as a force for good for our citizens and for the world, High Representative Federica Mogherini tells EU Ambassadors.

The European Union will provide €1.5 million for the independent investigation and prosecution of those responsible for war crimes, human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law in Syria.


The European Union will consider further restrictive measures against the North Korean regime, while supporting dialogue and confidence building measures in view of denuclearisation.