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EU-Korea Climate Action Team, Korea Energy Agency, and Buildings Performance Institute Europe, jointly invite Korean and European Public to the webinar, “Incentive Schemes for Energy-Efficient Buildings in the EU and Korea”, on 27 Aug 2020

Seoul, 24/08/2020 - 09:52, UNIQUE ID: 200824_2
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The EU-Korea Climate Action Project together with the Korea Energy Agency and the Buildings Performance Institute Europe jointly invite the European and Korean public to the webinar on “Incentive Schemes for Energy-Efficient Buildings in the EU and Korea,” which will be held at 15:30 hrs Korean time (08:30 CET), on Thursday, 27 Aug.

Building is one of the largest energy consuming sectors of economy across the world, and the energy consumption level by buildings is on a continual rise. Buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption in the EU and 17% in Korea. The EU and Korean governments have introduced various policy measures to improve the building energy performance. 

Starting by end of 2020, all new buildings in the EU region must be nearly zero energy following the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives revised in 2018. In Korea, all newly constructed public buildings with a gross floor area over 1,000m2 will be zero energy from 2020 following the Green Building Construction Support Act and the Decree revised in 2019, which will be expanded to private buildings starting from 2025. Key success factors to building energy performance improvement and a large scale uptake of zero energy building construction are active participation and investment from the private sector. The webinar will address the incentive schemes to support investment and participation from the private sector in building energy performance improvement in the EU and Korea.

The webinar event will run in two speech sessions followed by a discussion session afterwards. Min-gyeong Kim, Research Fellow at the Safety and Environment Department of the Seoul Institute will first speak about the Korea’s financial and non-financial incentive policies. In the second session, Mariangiola Fabbri, Head of Research of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, and Sean Armstrong, Senior Advisor at Irish Ministry of Housing, Planning and Local Government, will speak about the EU’s incentive schemes and successful cases of the application.

In their respective presentations, Ms. Fabbri will provide a brief overview of the European Regulatory Framework on building energy performance, Building Renovation Passport designed to encourage private investment, and Ecobonus and Superbonus which are financial incentives to support building renovation. She will round up her presentation talking about On-Bill Financing which is an innovative financing mechanism. Mr. Armstrong will share the Irish experience in the area of non-financial incentives and inform about success indicators for new housing. He will also cover Better Energy Homes Grants which is a subsidy program to support energy performance improvement of existing buildings in more detail and share the relevant lessons learned.

Online registration is open on the EU-Korea Climate Action Project website ( Anyone who wants to learn about this interesting topic is welcome to join. Register now and join us! The webinar will start at 15:30 Korean time (08:30 hrs CET) on Thursday, 27 Aug 2020. For inquiries, please contact

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