Multilateral Relations

NGOs distribute food and hygiene products with EU support

06/05/2020 - 17:51
Civil Society and Media

A União Europeia e as embaixadas dos Estados Membros Europeus presentes em Cabo Verde Portugal, Luxemburgo, França e Espanha unem-se na distribuição de centenas de cestas com produtos alimentares e de higiene a grupos mais vulneráveis nas várias ilhas, em parceria com a FICASE e ONGs no terreno como a COSPE e a ACLCVBG.


On Europe Day, the 9th of May, as well as throughout the month, we will have various solidarity actions taking place on several islands, with a view to commemorating solidarity and unity in a dignified manner with as many Cabo Verdeans as possible. 

The European Union and the embassies of the European Member States present in Cabo Verde - Portugal, Luxembourg, France and Spain - unite in the distribution of hundreds of baskets with food and hygienic products to the most vulnerable groups on the various islands, in partnership with the NGO FICASE and other NGOs in the field such as COSPE (jail in Fogo) and ACLCVBG (victims of gender-based violence), vulnerable families in the informal sector, etc.).

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