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Official visit to FINLAND

16/09/2019 - 10:00
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Following an invitation by General Timo Kivinen, the Chairman of the European Union Military Committee, General Claudio Graziano, payed an official visit to Finland from 11th to 12th of September.

During the visit General Graziano had the opportunity to meet the President of the Republic, Sauli Niinisto, with whom he discussed topical issues related to security and defence cooperation among the European Union Member States.


During the meeting the Chairman highlighted that: "The EU is in a formative phase and the implementation of the EU Global Strategy and its different defence initiatives will shape our cooperation for some time to come."

“To maintain and reinforce EU's credibility as a global actor we must deliver on the political decisions that have been made.”

The Chairman also had meaningful discussions on a wide range of issues with the CHOD and key leaders from the Finnish Defence Command and received a comprehensive briefing on the current security situation in the Region.

Chairman's visit concluded in the field meeting units from the Finnish Navy, Air Force and Special Forces. It also included a visit to the border area with Russia where members of the Border Guard briefed on their sensitive work.

The visit offered the Chairman an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Finland's perspectives on security and defence, covering both national developments and international engagement.


During his stay in Finland the Chairman was impressed by the Finnish Presidency Programme and its promotion of several key issues, notably digitalization and Artificial Intelligence and the focus on countering hybrid threats.