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The EU Advisory Mission supported the orderly organisation of parliamentary elections in Ukraine

30/07/2019 - 10:35
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The EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine supported the orderly organisation of parliamentary elections in Ukraine, which took place on 21 July. On Election Day, EUAM advisors were present in police situation centres in the capital city and in the regions, observing the process and ready to advise their Ukrainian counterparts from the point of view of preservation of public order.

EUAM supported the parliamentary elections in the Ukraine


During the period leading up to the elections, EUAM had furthermore brought police officers together with civil society groups in both Lviv and Kropyvnytskyi in order to establish dialogue and trust. With a few valuable lessons learnt from the recent presidential elections in March-April this year, both parties were in a good position to discuss the main challenges ahead in terms of public order and a smooth voting experience for citizens.

Established in 2014, EUAM and its approximately 300 staff provides the Ukrainian authorities strategic advice and practical operational support in order to reform the country's civilian security sector.

Read more about the work of EUAM and their Ukrainian partners on the Mission website.

EUAM is one of currently ten civilian Missions deployed by the European Union under the umbrelle of the Common Security and Defence Policy. These ten Missions employ currently around 1,800 personnel and work to improve human security in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. For a comprehemsive overview of the CSDP Missions' work and activities please see here.