Refugee Protection & Migration

MIGRATION - How CSDP can support

03/11/2016 - 16:13

During the past year, the EU has been confronted with an unprecedented flow of refugees and migrants along the Balkan routes, and even before this, we had to contend with huge numbers arriving over the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, we had to acknowledge that the EU and its Member States were insufficiently prepared to meet the challenges of the migration crisis successfully.

In spring 2016, the Central European Defence Cooperation (CEDC) drew up an Option Paper entitled 'Options aimed at supporting migration management with a special focus on the protection of the EU‘s external border and on humanitarian aid'. In this paper, thought was given to how CSDP instruments could be better used to complement the manifold efforts of Member States and the EU in tackling the effects of irregular migration.
With a Panel Discussion on Migration on September, 13th 2016 in Brussels, Austria and the Egmont Institute, together with the European Security and Defence College, aim to deepen the discussion on the way forward and give new momentum to the implementation of pragmatic solutions.
This presented paper aims to provide the outcome of the above-mentioned Discussion and should illustrate current challenges and some ideas for pragmatic solutions.