Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP)


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The European Union has started as a peace project and has successfully transformed a war-torn and conflict-prone continent into a global actor in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. The European Union promotes peace across the globe by addressing the root causes of conflict, contributing to creating the necessary conditions for the reconstruction of societies and supporting the recovery of affected civilians. The International Day of Peace reminds us that peace is not a given. Three projects in Ukraine, the Philippines and Niger show how local actors, with the support from the international community, can build peace.

Natural resources belong to local communities not to militias. Since 2003, the EU and international partners representing 99% of the world’s diamond trade have joined forces to make sure that the production and trade of rough diamond contributes to peace and sustainable economic and human development. Through the Chairmanship this year, and a number of concrete projects, the EU is committed to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds and improve mining communities’ livelihoods.

The European Union is committed to continue to deliver strong support to the peace process in Colombia, together with the United Nations, using political and diplomatic means but also by supporting human rights defenders and investing in rural reform, the reincorporation of ex-guerrillas into civilian life, crime prevention and justice.


On 27 October, EU ambassadors endorsed a compromise between the Presidency and the European Parliament on improving the EU’s instrument for contributing to stability and peace (IcSP).

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