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The EU welcomes the peaceful and democratic conclusion of the electoral process in Guyana and congratulates President Irfaan Ali on his swearing-in. This is an important step towards the consolidation of democracy in the country.

It is essential now that all parties and stakeholders work together diligently to overcome past differences and join efforts in uniting all Guyanese. The EU takes note of President Ali’s inauguration speech, where a commitment to constitutional and electoral reforms was made, and looks forward to its implementation.

As we mark the International day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the EU extends its solidarity to all indigenous peoples around the world at a time when their health, lives and livelihoods are endangered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Somalia is still on a long journey of national recovery to become free of insecurity, free of debt and free to vote leaders into power. Until that time, the leaders of the Somali nation bear a special responsibility to ensure that a consensus is achieved and maintained in national politics.


La Somalie a encore un long chemin à parcourir sur la voie du redressement national, pour se libérer de l'insécurité et de la dette et pouvoir voter librement pour ses dirigeants. En attendant, la responsabilité incombe spécifiquement aux dirigeants de la nation somalienne de veiller à ce qu'un consensus soit atteint et préservé dans la vie politique nationale.


We have learnt the news of the passing of Azimjan Askarov. The European Union expresses its condolences to Mr. Askarov’s family and friends.

The EU had followed the judicial process against Mr. Askarov since his arrest in 2010. On the basis of the opinion of the UN Human Rights Committee, we had expressed repeatedly our opinion on the court proceedings and had called for Mr. Askarov’s release.


Nous avons appris la nouvelle de la mort d'Azimjan Askarov. L'Union européenne présente ses condoléances à la famille et aux proches de M. Askarov.

L'UE avait suivi la procédure judiciaire engagée contre M. Askarov depuis son arrestation, en 2010. Faisant fond sur l'avis du Comité des droits de l'homme de l'ONU, nous avions à maintes reprises exprimé notre avis sur cette procédure judiciaire et demandé la libération de M. Askarov.


Внеочередная встреча высокопоставленных должностных лиц ЕС и Беларуси состоялась сегодня в Брюсселе.

Пазачарговая сустрэча высокапастаўленых службовых асоб ЕС і Беларусі адбылася сёння ў Бруселі.