Droits de l’homme et démocratie


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On 3 July, four defendants were sentenced to prison terms in the Büyükada case against a group of human rights defenders and long-standing interlocutors of both the EU and many of its Member States, three years after they were temporarily taken into custody.

The decision by the Court is deeply regrettable and further deepens the EU’s serious concerns regarding Turkey’s backsliding in fundamental areas as expressed on numerous occasions, in the Commission’s annual reports and in Council conclusions.

Already well-known in the human rights world, Eamon Gilmore has yet to become a familiar name in the tech and cyber community, but it’s high time they knew him. Gilmore represents the European Union on all human-rights related issues. That includes the impact of new technologies on human rights online and offline.

Nationwide voting in the Russian Federation on constitutional amendments concluded on 1 July. Some amendments concern changes in the political system and the work of the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

The European Union regrets that, in the run up to this vote, campaigning both for and against was not allowed, thereby denying voters access to balanced information.


2 июля пресс-секретарь Европейской службы внешних связей сделал следующее заявление:


The European Commission joins Leaders from Member States, civil society, women’s rights organizations, international organizations, UN agencies, philanthropic entities, youth-led organizations, and the private sector come together to deliver game-changing results for women and girls on the basis of the visionary agenda of the Generation Equality Forum.

La tortura niega la dignidad del ser humano. Sus víctimas sufren heridas visibles e invisibles. Y sigue siendo una terrible realidad hoy en día. En el Día Internacional en apoyo de las Víctimas de la Tortura, Josep Borrrell, el Alto Representante de la UE afirma: «En estos momentos en que en el mundo se están aunando esfuerzos para superar la pandemia de coronavirus, los derechos humanos deben seguir siendo el eje de nuestra batalla. En este día, damos voz a los cientos de miles de víctimas de torturas y a quienes aún están siendo torturados hoy.»

Torture denies the dignity of the human being. Its victims suffer both visible and invisible wounds. And this is still the horrifying reality today. On International Day in support of Victims of Torture, EU High Representative Josep Borrrell states “At a time when the world is joining efforts to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, human rights must remain at the core of our battle. On this day, we give a voice to the hundreds of thousands of people who have been victims of torture and those who are still tortured today.”

La torture nie la dignité de l’être humain. Ses victimes souffrent de blessures visibles et invisibles. Et c'est, aujourd’hui encore, la terrifiante réalité. En cette journée internationale pour le soutien aux victimes de la torture, le haut représentant de l’UE, Josep Borrell, fait la déclaration suivante: «À l’heure où le monde unit ses efforts pour surmonter la pandémie de coronavirus, les droits de l’homme doivent rester au centre de notre combat. En ce jour, nous faisons entendre les voix des centaines de milliers de personnes qui ont été victimes de torture ou qui le sont encore aujourd’hui.»

A tortura nega a dignidade ao ser humano. As vítimas de tortura têm feridas visíveis e feridas invisíveis. E esta realidade horrível continua a existir atualmente. No Dia Internacional de Apoio às Vítimas de Tortura, o alto representante da UE, Josep Borrrell, declara: «Numa altura em que o mundo está a unir esforços para ultrapassar a pandemia do coronavírus, os direitos humanos devem continuar a estar no centro da nossa batalha. Neste dia, damos voz às centenas de milhares de pessoas que foram vítimas de tortura, bem como às que ainda hoje são sujeitas a tortura.»