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Technical Assistance to the Auditor General's Department

30/03/2020 - 13:17
Better Public Services

Duration: Four months (November 2018 – February 2019)

EU Contribution: EUR 83,930.00

Location: Project funded under the 11th EDF Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) and managed by the EU Delegation to Trinidad and Tobago


The establishment of the Auditor General's Department (AGD) is enshrined in the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.  The Auditor General is required by law to examine and report annually to Parliament on the accounts of Ministries, Departments, Regional Health Authorities, Regional Corporations and such State Controlled Enterprises and Statutory Boards for which the Auditor General is the statutory auditor.  To support the proper functioning of the Department and the efficient execution of its duties, a project to boost the capacity of the Department was developed and is being implemented by IBF International Consulting SA.

Overall Objective: To review the AGD's structure, staffing definitions and levels and relevant human resource management resources and processes to enable it to effectively carry out its mandate.


  • An organisation and a zero-based staffing review of the current organizational structure of the AGD to determine that the AGD’s structure and staffing requirements in terms of number, appropriate grading structure and competencies that meet the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institution (ISSAI) as laid out by INTOSAI.
  • An assessment of current Human Resource Management (HRM) policies to ensure that such polices are in keeping with current modern practices for SAIs and are appropriate foundations to build upon.
    • Undertake an organisational review
    • Undertake a staffing review
    • Develop a grading structure
    • Develop staffing competencies and levels

Beneficiary: Auditor General's Department (

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