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Ambassador Žbogar's interview with TV 24: Hope for a positive decision of Council in March, North Macedonia needs unity and work to pass the test of new methodology

04/03/2020 - 11:06

Speaking to TV 24 one day after the European Commission released its update on the progress of North Macedonia and Albania, Ambassador Samuel Žbogar says that the document notes further progress on reforms in the country and that Member States are supposed to approve the new enlargement methodology in the next weeks, when they should also decide about opening of membership negotiations with the two countries. Žbogar refrains from being optimistic, but thinks that this time 'the stars are aligning'. 'I hope to see a positive result. I do not think we can afford another Council meeting without a decision'. In the interview, the Ambassador explains the opportunity that the new methodology creates for the countries that will start to negotiate, providing that their institutions are up to the task and that there is a unity about the EU agenda. The government that will be formed after the early elections in April will have to do its best to bring all stakeholders at the table in order to make the process as effective as possible, he says. North Macedonia will be the first country on which the methodology will be tested – Žbogar underlines that it needs to pass that test as otherwise, dilemmas might arise in the EU about the overall enlargement process.

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