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The EU collaborates with local NGOs in Lesotho to host Master Class for young Basotho film-makers

27/01/2020 - 17:12


The Hub, in partnership with the European Union in Lesotho and Sesotho Media and Development hosted a 2-day Filmmaking Masterclass for young Basotho filmmakers from 3- 4 December 2019. The class was facilitated by Pheello Pj Makosholo, a Lesotho-born director living in Johannesburg. 10 filmmakers from Maseru and 6 filmmakers from The Hub took part in the Masterclass.

Young Basotho filmmakers in Lesotho's burgeoning film industry have been producing exciting work, some of which has been featured in the annual Lesotho Film Festival managed by Sesotho Media and Development. Over the years, the judges of the festival identified three key areas where young Basotho filmmakers needed to improve: storytelling, sound and editing. The Masterclass focused on these areas in interactive sessions where they gave each other feedback on films they had made. 

After the sessions, film-makers from The Hub who had previously made films addressing human rights issues in Lesotho, got together and produced a film where they spoke about how making films on human rights affected them in their personal lives. 



 The Hub is a creative technology lab that provides affordable access to digital technologies and digital media training to Basotho youth. The Hub is in Morija, a small town some 40 kilometres south of Maseru. 

Sesotho Media and Development is a local NGO located in Maseru that uses film to educate Basotho about human-rights. For the last 10 years Sesotho Media has been running mobile cinema units across the country.

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