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To export to the EU, increasing quality is required

Pristina, 17/06/2019 - 09:25, UNIQUE ID: 190617_2
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Exporting Kosovo products to the European market requires higher quality and meeting of EU requirements and standards. This was said in the discussion organized by the EU Office in Kosovo in cooperation with the Ministry of Integration in the framework of discussions to inform the citizens about the SAA in the municipality of Kacanik with the topic “Local production and the EU market”.

They also highlighted the needs and demands of local producers who demanded market regulation and more support.

Speaking about the importance of agriculture in the municipality that he runs, the Mayor of Kacanik, Besim Ilazi, said that farmers are the ones who benefit through these projects. “Farmers should not only focus on subsidies but also seek advice and training on how to achieve higher quality and performance. The advice and trainings are provided free of charge by the European Union, the World Bank, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Food and Veterinary Agency, etc.”, said Ilazi.

The Mayor of Hani Elezit, Rufki Suma, said that the main problem is in the market, as according to him the collection points are manipulating and there are no measures that condition them from the central institutions. “Disturbing fact is that those who planted raspberries had to destroy them precisely because of the market; these collection points are simply joking with citizens. We do not have any state-level measures that set some requirements to those engaged in purchase and selling,” Suma said.

Agriculture Manager at the EU Office in Kosovo, Daniela Topirceanu, pointed out the importance of the SAA and the requirements the EU have for Kosovo products to become competitive in the EU market. “The European market has many demands that are mentioned in the EU legislation, to be met by Kosovo in order to be able to export to its market. Most of the audience here are producers. What you should keep in mind is that all products exported to the European Union must meet certain requirements and pass certain checks,” she said.

The Head of the Division for Direct Support and Trade Policies within the Ministry of Agriculture, Habil Zeqiri, spoke about the support of the institutions. He explained some of the measures the ministry has taken to subsidize farmers and strengthen this sector. “We are at the stage of drafting a strategy for advancing agro-economic enterprises. This is related to products that need very fast processing such as raspberries, strawberries, sour cherries. We are developing the first draft,” he said.

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