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Mogherini welcomes Malaysia's support for the International Criminal Court

05/03/2019 - 17:06
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The EU High Representative Federica Mogherini has welcomed Malaysia’s accession to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court which she says "confirms its commitment to strengthen the rule of law, human rights, and accountability domestically and internationally."

Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute. Mogherini claimed that this new accession shows the continuous support for the Court by States all over the world, and will serve as an encouragement to the remaining countries in the region to commit to ending impunity for the most serious crimes. 

The EU High Representative stressed that "the European Union is a staunch supporter of the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court as the only permanent international criminal court with global aspiration."

Mogherini concluded that "the world we live in would be a more just one if all States acceded to the Rome Statute. The European Union, along with our international partners, will continue to work towards a shared rules-based global order, with multilateralism as its key principle, and will continue to promote the universality and preserve the integrity of the Rome Statute."

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