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How to promote and protect human rights in a multi-polar world: Perspectives from UN Observer Delegations

26/11/2018 - 17:00
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The event was organised by the twelve UN Observer delegations to reaffirm the commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to discuss variety of issues, such as implementation of the Declaration and current challenges to multilateralism.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was proclaimed in 1948 as a common standard of human rights achievements for all peoples and all nations. 70 years later, the UDHR did not deliver all its prospect but it did put human rights protection at the centre of politics, at national and international level. This event examined the implementation of the UDHR in different parts of the world, focussing on the priorities and challenges faced by the different regions and other entities. The aim of the event was also to reaffirm the universality, indivisibility, interdependence and interrelation of all rights, using the leading role of UN Observer Delegations as an example of how to contribute to its implementation by promoting its values. Opening remarks were delivered by Michael Møller, Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva.

The closing keynote was given by Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Panel 1 - Promoting the UDHR– progress made and remaining challenges


  • Ambassador Ibrahim Khraishi, Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine*
  • Ambassador Ajay Kumar Bramdeo, Permanent Observer of the African Union*
  • Ambassador Nassima Baghli, Permanent Observer of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation*
  • Ambassador Adel Essa Almahri, Permanent Observer of the Gulf Cooperation Council *
  • Apostolic Nuncio Ivan Jurkovič, Permanent Observer of the Holy See*  
  • Ambassador Dragana Filipović, Permanent Observer of the Council of Europe*  

Panel 2 - Building bridges - Fostering multilateralism and international cooperation in the field of human rights


  • Ambassador Henri Monceau, Permanent Observer of the International Organization of la Francophonie*
  • Ambassador Marie-Thérèse Pictet-Althann, Permanent Observer of the Sovereign Order of Malta*
  • Ambassador Walter Stevens, Permanent Observer of the European Union*
  • Mr. Julian Fleet, Permanent Observer of the International Development
  • Law Organization*
  • Ambassador Ali Hussain Alsammak, Permanent Observer of the League of Arab States*
  • Ambassador David Fernández Puyana, Permanent Observer of the University
  • for Peace*

* to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva