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The EU-Egypt Stability and Social Development 7th Cluster Meeting

Cairo, 28/11/2019 - 13:00, UNIQUE ID: 191201_1
Joint Statements

The Stability and Social Development Cluster, regrouping the work of the 7th meeting of the Subcommittee on Justice and Security, 7th Working Group on Migration and Consular Affairs of the Association Agreement between Arab Republic of Egypt and European Union, held its session in Cairo on November 27th 2019.

The meeting was co-chaired by H.E. Ambassador Raouf Saad, Chairman of the National Bureau for the Implementation of Egypt-EU Association Agreement, and H.E. Ambassador Erika Ferrer, Head of Division, MENA I, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, European External Action Service. The meeting was attended by the EU Delegation in Egypt, Commission and European External Action Service representatives, and observed by several EU Member States.

The meeting was attended also by the following Egyptian Ministries and Institutions, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of State for Migration and Egyptian abroad, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Solidarity, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Planning and Monitoring and Administrative Reform, Ministry of Finance, in addition to General Prosecutor Office, Al Azhar Observatory for Combating Terrorism, Money Laundering Combatting Unit, National Population Council, as well as heads and representatives of several sectors from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Meeting took place in a positive spirit, where the two sides have interacted with a view to enhancing the level of cooperation and dialogue in wider areas of mutual interest, between them, based on constructive partnership, mutual respect, and in line with the Partnership Priorities.

The two sides conducted a comprehensive and open dialogue covering several issues of mutual interest in particular, judicial cooperation, combating terrorism, the fight against drugs, the fight against organized crime, as well as, migration, asylum, social policy and social development, and consular cooperation.

They expressed their interest in strengthening their cooperation, particularly in, increasing capacity building programs, exchanging the best-practices in the fields of cyber security and organized crime, and sharing their experiences in areas of combating money laundering and hate speech in the media and on the internet.

Both sides stressed the importance of deepening and diversifying the scope of their dialogue, and expressed their commitment to consolidating their coordination and cooperation through a comprehensive and balanced approach, to address the common challenges facing Egypt and EU.


7th Subcommittee Meeting on Audiovisual, ICT, Research and Innovation, Education, Culture and Youth


The 7th Subcommittee meeting on Audiovisual, ICT, Research and Innovation, Education, Culture and Youth, held in Cairo on 26th of November 2019, was co-chaired by H.E. Ambassador Reda Bebars, Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation and H.E. Ambassador Erika Ferrer, Head of Division, European External Action Service, and Ministries of Communication, National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Education and Technical Education, Ministry of Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Youth and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Representatives of several EU Member States observed the meeting. 

Experts from both sides engaged in a comprehensive and constructive discussion on many topics of mutual interest, including information society, ICT, telecommunications regulations and policies. The latest research and innovation policy developments, education reform, including pre-university education, higher and technical education were also discussed.

Both sides emphasized the importance of their cooperation regarding youth, cultural and antiquities issues as well as fighting illegal trafficking of cultural properties. Regional and bilateral ongoing and potential cooperation including EU-Africa partnership in Research and Innovation and opportunities for trilateral cooperation in Africa were also discussed.

Both sides recognized the importance of capitalizing on their long standing cooperation and the continuation of their bilateral dialogue. They reiterated their commitment to deepen and strengthen their partnership.

The meeting took place along the lines of the Partnership Priorities agreed upon within the framework of the Egyptian-European Association Agreement. 

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