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New water monitoring equipment donated with EU support

12/04/2021 - 16:39
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Handover of water monitoring equipment within the EU project "Support to the Implementation and Monitoring of Water Management in Montenegro"

The EU project entitled "Support to the Implementation and Monitoring of Water Management in Montenegro " started in November 2019 and its purpose is to strengthen the institutional, administrative, and monitoring capacities of the Montenegrin water management sector institutions in order to improve environmental protection. The main results of the project related to the transposition of the requirements of the four EU water directives into domestic legislation, namely the Nitrates Directive, the Floods Directive, the Bathing Water Directive, and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Public Works Administration by Eptisa Southeast Europe (RS) in consortium with EPTISA Servicios de Ingenieria (ES) and SAFEGE (FRA).


On 8 April 2021 at the Geological Survey of Montenegro, an event was organized on the occasion of the handover of water monitoring equipment within the EU project "Support to the Implementation and Monitoring of Water Management in Montenegro".

The handover of the equipment was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Aleksandar Stijovic, the Head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Ambassador Oana Christina Popa as well as the heads of the Geological Survey of Montenegro and the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro which has been supplied with water monitoring equipment within the said EU project. The equipment was financed by the European Union in the amount of 53,845.00 euros.


The Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, Ambassador Oana Chistina Popa, pointed out that water protection is an important part of the European environmental policy and thus an important part of the negotiations on EU accession under Chapter 27. "I am very happy to announce that this year we have granted another 5 million Euros to help Montenegro in environmental protection. This will include the procurement of additional equipment for upgrading the water management system in the country. Now is the time for Montenegro to show renewed commitment in all areas of environmental protection, including water protection. This is not only important in order to progress towards full EU membership but it is necessary for the wellbeing of Montenegro’s citizens as well as its nature and wildlife” said Ambassador Popa.

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Aleksandar Stijovic, stated on this occasion that "ensuring good water status in accordance with the EU Water Framework Directive, water protection, protection from waters and water supply for all, represent the basic development policies of the water sector of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

"The equipment we present today is an example of good practice in project implementation, cooperation between Montenegro and the European Commission, and a model for strengthening the capacity of institutions, through the improvement of the water monitoring system in Montenegro," the Minister emphasized.

The Director of the Public Works Administration, Mr. Boro Lučić, in his capacity as the EU Project Contracting Authority, emphasized the importance of the project and pointed out the following, “the main results of the project, worth 2,390,405.00 euros, relate to the transposition of four EU directives in the field of water management as well as strengthening the capacity of national institutions responsible for water management in the field of monitoring”.

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