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The rising star of Tanzanian horticulture

20/07/2020 - 09:43
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As more farmers in Tanzania turn towards Avocado production, EU-EAC MARKUP helps boost regional trade and the export capacity of horticultural products in Tanzania.


Sometimes referred to as the ‘green gold of Tanzania’, avocados are the new rising star in the country. While only some seven years ago domestic production was close to zero, the crop has now become a key export for Tanzania, making the country one of the leading African avocado exporters, preceded only by South Africa and Kenya.

Avocado growers and exporters struggle to access international markets because their produce often does not meet quality standards, buyer requirements and product regulations.

It is a different story for Frank, however.

His company is doing well. Frank Horticulture is not only exporting its avocados to large regional buyers in Kenya but also contributing to trade within the East African Community (EAC).

Turning point

New opportunities for Frank Horticulture emerged last year, when the company began receiving support through the European Union (EU) - East African Community (EAC) Market Access Upgrade Programme (MARKUP).

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