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Speech of Ambassador Luigi Soreca at the graduation ceremony of the new magistrates of the Albanian School of Magistrates

Tirana, Albania , 07/10/2019 - 12:54, UNIQUE ID: 191007_6
Speeches of the Ambassador

Your graduation is important today more than ever. You represent the future hope of the justice system and expectations of all Albanian citizens. We talk a lot about independence and accountability, and these are crucially important, but what truly matters, and what will be put at test time and time again, is your personal integrity. The choices you will have to make when under pressure, and rest assured that there will be pressure, those will be the hardest in your service to justice.

I had the chance in life to get inspired by great magistrates. Individuals who feared nothing but one thing: that they would fail to serve justice! They inspired generations to come, they made a nation proud. You now have that duty, to inspire generations to come and make a nation proud and trustful in the justice system! I personally believe, that this feeling is the biggest motivation one can work with and definitely has the biggest reward one can dream of!

Congratulation to the School, to the Professors of law and all your senior peers for the assistance, teaching and support given to you during the studies. Learning for a magistrate never stops and you know is better than myself, but you have passed successfully the entrance test and all the other exams that this school could offer. We at the EU are there to support your continues learning, via our projects, training and legal expertise. There are several instruments at the European level you can learn from to exchange with other peers in the system. Make use of them. 

Once, a peer judge told me: "Judges are like doctors. They either save lives or ruin them if incompetent and irresponsible". There is nothing worse and more devastating for the soul than injustice, or justice delayed. So while proud today and rightly so, you have also a new big responsibility for tomorrow. Take pride of your achievement and humbly serve tomorrow. May you all have a great career ahead! Also a big congratulation to you families, partners or friends who are here today and same proud of you!


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