EU enlargement


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Bilateral relations between the European Union and Turkmenistan are governed by an Interim Agreement on trade and trade-related matters, which entered into force in August 2010, pending ratification of a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) by the European Parliament.


“This is exactly what I needed,” an entrepreneur from Gracanica, Azemina Ahmedbegovic, said at the end of the cultural heritage exhibition organized by the Association of Business Women in BiH in Sarajevo in December 2018. “Sometimes I get discouraged by a lack of opportunity, but this evening boosted my confidence in our work,” she adds with a smile on her face.

The Stabilisation and Association Council reviewed the pre-accession strategy, discussed bilateral relations and exchanged views on developments.

EU-Belarus Coordination Group met for the sixth time

Координационная группа ЕС-Беларусь провела шестую встречу.

Каардынацыйная група ЕС-Беларусь правяла шостую сустрэчу.

The SA Council positively noted the European Commission's 2018 Albania Report, which recommended that accession negotiations be opened with Albania, in light of the progress achieved, maintaining and deepening the current reform momentum.

The European Union is supporting Albania’s efforts to provide quality public services for its citizens and move closer to European good administration practices.