Election observation missions (EUEOMs)


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For more information about the EU Election Observation Mission to Pakistan for the 25 July general elections, please see the mission's fact sheet:

The European Union Election Observation Mission to the Republic of Zimbabwe (EUEOM) is led by Chief Observer Elmar Brok, a Member of the European Parliament from Germany.
In total, the mission is expected to comprise more than 140 observers from all EU member states, as well as Canada, Norway and Switzerland.
A ten-person core-team arrived in Harare on 6 June. The core-team analyses political, electoral and legal issues related to the electoral process.
44 long-term observers arrived in Zimbabwe on 19 June and were deployed to all ten provinces a few days later. They observe the electoral process in their areas and report back to the core-team in Harare.
44 short-term observers join the mission shortly before the election day. They observe voting, counting and the tabulation of results.
The mission is also joined by a delegation of seven Members of the European Parliament, as well as diplomatic staff from embassies accredited in Harare.

Renate Weber, Chief Observer of the EU EOM Paraguay 2018, issued the mission's final report following Paraguay 2018 general elections, including 20 recommendations for future improvements.


Final report: 

The EU EOM Paraguay 2018 final report was presented on press conference held on 19 June 2018 in Asunción.


Click here to download the document: 

The European Union Election Observation Mission – Paraguay 2018 will donate computer equipment, office furniture and medical kits to eleven Paraguayan institutions worth about 770 million guaraníes. These equipments have been utilized by the Mission throughout its stay in Paraguay on the occasion of the observation of the general elections on April 22.

The European Union Electoral Observation Mission – Paraguay 2018, along with the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, held a roundtable on Saturday 19 May on recommendations for improving future electoral processes. Paraguayan authorities and institutions, Electoral Justice ministers, representatives of political groups, the media, civil society and the pollsters discussed the feasibility and relevance of the recommendations suggested by the EU EOM.

The meeting was moderated by Paraguayan journalists Mercedes Barriocanal and Carlos Peralta.