Election observation missions (EUEOMs)


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40 European short-term observers were deployed on November 24 from Tegucigalpa to the departments across Honduras. With the arrival of this new group of observers, the European Union Election Observation Mission will observe general elections on Sunday 26 November with more than 100 observers.

A second group of 40 short-term European observers arrived on November 21 to Honduras to reinforce the European Union Election Observation Mission. This group will join a Core Team of 9 experts based in Tegucigalpa and 22 long-term observers, who are working in the field for the last five weeks. A total of more than 100 observers will be deployed across the country on election day. The Chief Observer, Member of European Parliament Marisa Matias, arrived along with the short-term observers in her second visit to the country.

On Sunday 12 November EU EOM Honduras 2017 attended a simulation of transmission and publication of results by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal – Tribunal Supremo Electoral (TSE). The exercise took place in a hotel at the capital, where the TSE installed a tabulation centre and call centres to provide assistance to electoral custodians (polling staff) and other actors involved in the electoral process.

The European Union Election Observation Mission is led by Chief Observer, Željana Zovko, a Member of the European Parliament from Croatia. In total, the mission will comprise more than 100 observers.

A core team of election analysts arrived in Kathmandu on 25 October. The core team analyses political, electoral and legal issues related to the electoral process, and is supported by logistical and security experts.

The Chief Observer for the general elections in Honduras 2017 Marias Matias officially launched the EU Election Observation Mission (EOM), which is present in the country since 11 October. In her first visit to Honduras, the Chief Observer met, among others, with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the national civil registry, candidates and political party representatives, civil society organisations and media.

A team of 22 long-term observers from the European Union (EU) is in Honduras distributed amongst the different departments in the country to observe the November 26th elections. EU's long broad trajectory has led to sending some 150 international observer missions to different countries, and is the second time that a mission stands out in this Central American nation with a long-term contingent.

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Honduras 2017 will deploy on Wednesday 25 October 22 long-term observers (LTOs) to the departments of Honduras.

Following the invitation by the Honduran authorities, the European Union is deploying an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to Honduras to observe the presidential, legislative and municipal and PARLACEN (Central American Parliament) elections, due to take
place on 26 November.