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EU EOM Paraguay 2018: 24 long-term observers deployed to all the regions of the country

28/03/2018 - 17:31
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After receiving specific training on electoral, legal, electoral campaign and media issues in the capital, the 24 long-term observers of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission – Paraguay 2018 were deployed to all the regions of the country.

Once settled in their specific areas of responsibility, the European observers will meet political actors, electoral authorities, media, and civil society organizations in each region to inform the core team based in Asunción of the evolution of the electoral campaign and the logistical developments expected by the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice (TSJE).

During the deployment of the long-term observers, the Deputy Head of Mission, Tania Marques, explained that the Mission works with a long-term methodology, which includes not only the observation of the electoral day, but also the electoral campaign, the arrangements and logistical developments of the TSJE, as well as the proclamation of official results and the probable complaints and claims.

Moreover, Tania Marques stressed the special emphasis that the EU Electoral Observation Mission will have in the follow-up of the recommendations given in 2013. “This is the second time that the European Union sends an Electoral Observation Mission to Paraguay. The 2013 Mission suggested a series of recommendations that were analysed in the 2015 EU Electoral Monitoring Mission. There is a set of recommendations in several areas that are still valid, since Paraguayan authorities have not yet taken the necessary steps to implement them”, said Tania Marques.

Few days before the election, 34 short-term observers will arrive in Paraguay, joining the long-term observers already deployed throughout the country. In addition, a delegation of the European Parliament and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Paraguay will join the Mission in observing the elections.