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20.-21. februar besøkte EUs ambassadør til Norge, Thierry Béchet, Sogndal for å delta på den Horisont 2020-støttede MOVE-konferansen og bli bedre kjent med byens internasjonale satsning.

Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, horrifically violates the human rights, dignity and physical integrity of girls and women. In a Joint Statement on the occasion of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, EU leaders condemn the ongoing practice of FGM in Europe and around the world, and outline the EU's ongoing actions and commitment to eradicate the practice.

The EU is working with partners – including UNHCR - to provide refugees with access to education. Learning the language is key to finding work, friends and ultimately a new home.

ЕС начал сотрудничать с Таджикистаном в начале 1990-х годов, после провозглашения независимости республики от Советского Союза.


The EU began its engagement with Tajikistan in the early 1990s, following the country's independence from the Soviet Union.


July 26, 2016… A day to remember by some of the residents of Visiga ward in Kibaha town council. The once marginalized 175 youth in the area before September 2015, shed off that ‘label’ after graduating in various technical courses. Among them, 34-year-old Tatu Kondo Mshindo - deaf, and orphaned at a young age - who graduated in electrical installation.

On 12-13 December, 2017 the Horizon 2020 Information Days were held in Astana and Almaty.

She is one of the young women who dares to go against all odds when it comes to pursuing a dream. She harboured a dream, but along the way, at 16, she got pregnant, and dropped out of school, and many thought it was all over, and she also believed so herself at one point. Her name is Irene Erasto, now 22. Hers was a story that was difficult to tell... how without an income she had to feed and care for her young child.

The EU supports the Stand Up for Jamaica prison education programme, investing in rehabilitation and a sustainable, more peaceful and more prosperous future for Jamaica's youth.