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The General Affairs Council today adopted conclusions calling for the strengthening of European cybersecurity and enhancing cyber resilience across the EU, in line with the tasking from the European Council in October 2017.
The conclusions stress the need for all EU countries to make the necessary resources and investment available to address cybersecurity. They welcome the intention of increasing EU efforts in cybersecurity research and development by setting up a network of cybersecurity competence centres across the Union.

In a hyper-connected world where the functioning of our economies and democratic processes rely on a secure and resilient cyberspace, our societies are increasingly becoming vulnerable to cyber incidents, with attacks growing in both their sophistication and frequency, causing significant damage. To respond to the ever-growing diversity and virulence of cyber threats, Europe has undertaken, in past years, several key actions in order to create a trustworthy cyber ecosystem.

Speech by the HR/VP Federica Mogherini at the conference "Hybrid threats and the EU: State of play and future progress"


The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Treats will strengthen cooperation between the EU and NATO, also delivering expert analysis, developing methodologies and conducting training to enhance capabilities to respond to hybrid threats.

EU launches exercise to test crisis management mechanisms in response to cyber and hybrid threats

In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, defending EU citizens from cyber threats is a top priority for the EU. New proposed measures aim to enhance cooperation for cybersecurity within the EU and globally, boost innovation and invest in awareness and capacity-building. In parallel, the EU and NATO are holding coordinated exercises to test their ability to respond to cyber and hybrid threats.

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