EU work in the field of countering drugs trafficking and corruption

08/07/2016 - 15:50
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Spotlight on: EU work in the field of countering drugs trafficking and corruption

The EU and the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) have been working closely together since 2005 to combat issues of common interest, including the fight against organised crime, drug trafficking, corruption and firearms. Criminal justice reform, terrorism prevention, and maritime security are also areas addressed by the EU and UNODC. Over the past 10 years, the EU has provided funding to amount of €351 million of which €200 million are being implemented in the ongoing portfolio. In 2014, the EU was the second largest single donor to the UNODC and together with the EU Member States’ funding the EU provides around 37% of the UNODC’s total funding. The EU and UNODC are currently cooperating on 24 ongoing projects in 110 countries across the world. 

The cooperation of the organisations is based on shared goals and values, first and foremost the respect for human rights and the rule of law, the prevention of conflict and the improvement of the living standards for all.

The UNODC Executive Director regularly meets representatives from EU Member States and the EU Permanent Mission in Vienna. There is also an annual Senior Official Meeting in either Brussels or in Vienna, which focuses on the strategic policy exchange. An annual Operational Exchange Meeting, led by the European Commission and DG DEVCO is also held, which provides the opportunity to discuss operational topics. There are also several working level meetings in Vienna and Brussels, and joint EU-UN activities also take place to promote common values, or to raise awareness on topics of concern.

Read more about the partnership between the European Union and UNODC in this recently published brochure highlighting the achievements of the joint operational work.