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Kyrgyz Republic: Statement by the Spokesperson on the electoral process and constitutional changes

Brussels, 27/11/2020 - 13:11, UNIQUE ID: 201127_84
Statements by the Spokesperson

The EU welcomes the opinion of the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission on the postponement of the parliamentary elections and shares its recommendations in this regard. It is now for the authorities to assess this opinion and a timely ruling by the Kyrgyz Constitutional Chamber would be welcome. We take note that the Kyrgyz Republic also asked the Venice Commission for an opinion on the latest draft of the possible constitutional changes. This will allow the Kyrgyz Republic to benefit from the expertise of the Venice Commission on this matter.

In this respect, the EU welcomes the joint statement of intent by the Kyrgyz government and the UN, in which the Kyrgyz Republic recognises the importance of advancing a pluralistic system of political parties and accountable policies that strengthen the delivery of vital public services to citizens.

The EU reiterates its commitment to supporting the Kyrgyz Republic and calls on all political forces to engage in a wide participatory process based on the constructive and inclusive dialogue, with the full involvement of civil society and having firmly in mind the legitimate demands of the Kyrgyz people.