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Rethinking Plastics and Combating Marine Litter” pilot projects present preliminary findings

Beijing, 31/05/2021 - 06:19, UNIQUE ID: 210531_2
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On 25 May, the EU-funded “Rethinking Plastics and Combating Marine Litter” project organised a workshop in Beijing to present preliminary findings of pilot projects developed in China to reduce plastic litter.

These pilots promote innovative approaches such as Extended Producer Responsibility and Deposit Refund Scheme to mitigate plastic pollution in the logistics and agriculture sectors. Participants also learned about other pilots focusing on packaging improvement for express delivery, ship waste management and “Fishing for Litter” initiatives. In addition, European experts presented similar projects and related policies from Europe.

What does this mean?

For instance, in one pilot ensured that fisherman and port management worked together so that fisherman can be sure that waste they collect from the ocean will be adequately collected in the port. They were happy that they help keeping oceans cleaner and maintaining healthy conditions for fish production on the long-run. In another project, farmers were invited to use mulch films that were more environment-friendly. They were happy to achieve higher economic benefits while protecting their farmland from harmful waste.

Together we can better protect our planet and make our lives more sustainable.

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