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Biodiversity Day (22 May) – Ahead of COP 15 Ambassador Chapuis calls for an ambitious and realistic Global Biodiversity Framework

Beijing, 25/05/2021 - 05:28, UNIQUE ID: 210525_14
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Last Friday 21 May, Ambassador Chapuis participated in an event organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of PRC ahead of “Biodiversity Day” (22 May). He stressed that the EU stands ready to support discussions and to maintain a close collaboration with China and other partners to ensure COP15’s success. The EU supports an agreement for an ambitious and realistic Global Biodiversity Framework with strong implementation and review mechanisms.

This global framework will need overarching goals that are clear and easy to communicate, as well as targets that effectively address the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss. Where feasible, these targets should be measurable and time-bound. A far stronger mechanism for monitoring and review will also be required to ensure full transparency and full implementation over time. 

Equally important is the need to address the means of implementation. These should cover international and domestic financing, from public and private sectors.

A successful COP will also depend on an agreement on how to achieve the third CBD objective, which refers to fairly and equitably sharing the benefits of using genetic resources.

The EU does not underestimate the logistic challenges associated with Covid-19 pandemic. We are convinced that China will find ways to propose a practical solution, agreeable to all parties, to organise the COP15 in Kunming. For the EU, the effective participation of NGOs is certainly an important element. We also recognise the importance of high-level engagement.

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