Development Cooperation

Capacity Building for Key Government Development Cooperation Agencies

30/03/2020 - 11:20
Better Public Services

Duration: Six months (to October 2020)

EU Contribution: EUR58850

Location:  Project funded under the 11th EDF Technical Cooperation Fund (TCF) and managed by the EU Delegation to Trinidad and Tobago

The overall purpose of the project is to improve Government’s ability to access and effectively utilize development cooperation funding as a major contributor towards national development.


  • To increase the cadre of persons in the key Ministries and Departments within the broader Public Service and civil society  with the requisite skills to formulate, implement and evaluate development cooperation programmes and projects
  • To strengthen the technical capacity of the European Development Fund Unit to effectively manage development cooperation with the European Union.


  • Training to provide participants with the most up to date project implementation and management knowledge (utilizing an international project management standard), as well as supporting knowledge relevant to international development cooperation. Training in project management software also included.
  • Training in grant proposal writing will provide participants with the relevant skills and know-how to produce engaging, high quality, successful project proposals, covering the various types of bids and proposals and the key similarities and differences between them, the various approaches needed to reflect these factors and the requirements of key funding agencies.
  • A workshop on fundamental principles, concepts and emerging issues in development cooperation, inclusive of south-south cooperation, blending financing models (loans and grants), contractual and legal requirements, multi-donor funding models and multi-country implementation partners.
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