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Government of Finland announces Funds for Local Cooperation (FLC) for Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan (

"Elizabeth of Bosnia" is the artistic fashion show presenting a new collection of the well-known BiH designer Adnan Hajrulahović HAAD. The collection consists of designer clothing inspired by the queen Elizabeth of Bosnia and her time, but also synchronized with a modern age, while the stylistic figure, colour and texture remain consistent with her time.

A travelling outdoor multimedia exhibition dedicated to the Great War and its aftermath, “After the Great War: A New Europe 1918- 1923”, officially opened in Sarajevo on 19 November.

The three day festival promotes excellence in design and gathers students and experts from the region and the European Union.

The conference gathered representatives of BiH cultural and tourist organisations and institutions, and featured experts from the EU, who presented the latest developments in the field of cultural tourism and the possibilities for promotion of the cultural heritage of the region.