Our priorities in Angola

03/07/2020 - 11:52
Regional overview

The European Union supports economic and social development in Angola in sectors of common interest. Our partnership began more than thirty years ago.

Cooperation EU Angola
Cooperation EU Angola 30 years


The European Union is represented in Angola by a Delegation office in Luanda (since 1986). In 2012, the EU and Angola signed the Joint way forward (JWF) to intensify cooperation.

Our mandate in Angola

The EU implements its cooperation through two main channels: bilateral partnership with the Governement of Angola and support to civil society organisations.


  • Bilateral cooperation

The EU’s bilateral cooperation with Angola is currently focusing on 3 priorities:

STATE CAPACITY BUILDING – To foster Angola’s long-term stability, we promote good governance, democracy, and the rule of law, including anti-corruption measures, better resource planning and use, and a dialogue on human rights.

JOB CREATION – To build a viable future for Angola’s youth, we support actions that boost job creation and encourage regional economic integration and enhanced trade and investment relations with Europe.

ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION – We support the steps taken by the Angolan government to transform its economy and make it more resilient and diverse, to overcome its dependency on oil revenues.

Angola also benefits from European funding allocated to the Portuguese-speaking African countries and Timor Leste (PALOP-TL) group.


  • Support to civil society organisations

We fund civil society projects with grant to support the implementation of actions in several thematic areas: education, justice, agriculture, citizenship...

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