Crisis Response


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High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini has presented the third progress report on the implementation of the European Union Global Strategy, “The EU Global Strategy in Practice - Three years on, looking forward”, which will be discussed by the EU Foreign and Defence Ministers at the Foreign Affairs Council on 17 June 2019 in Luxembourg. The report looks at the progress achieved over the past three years, since the presentation of the Global Strategy in June 2016, in five priority areas - the security of the Union, state and social resilience to our east and south, an integrated approach to conflicts and crises, cooperative regional orders and global governance for the 21st century - and provides possible orientations for the way forward in the coming years.

With European prosperity and Asian peace and security closely connected, the European Union has decided to strengthen its security cooperation in and with Asia. This is also in line with the steps taken by the EU in the past years to strengthen its role as a global security provider.

Prevention is better than cure. This basic principle stands behind many of the EU activities. A pertinent example is the EU's civilian monitoring mission in Georgia (EUMM). It was deployed immediately following the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. EUMM has helped since then to prevent new hostilities and enabled the affected population to resume a normal life free from fear.


Лучше предупредить проблему, чем бороться с ее последствиями. Этот фундаментальный принцип лежит в основе многих видов деятельности ЕС. Гражданская Миссия наблюдателей ЕС в Грузии (МНЕС) является отличным примером такого подхода. Миссия была развернута непосредственно по окончании российско-грузинской войны в 2008 г. С тех пор МНЕС помогает предупреждать новые столкновения, давая возможность населению вернуться к нормальной жизни, свободной от страха.


The European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) have a successful track record of close cooperation in crisis management around the world, dating back to the beginning of EU CSDP missions and operations. It is no coincidence that in 2003, when the EU deployed its first civilian and military operation, a Joint Declaration on EU-UN-Cooperation in Crisis. Management was issued. Since then, many steps have been taken to reinforce the strategic partnership. Most recently in September 2018, the EU and UN agreed on a new set of forward-looking priorities for cooperation on peace operations and crisis management in 2019-2021.

20.-24. august var Europaparlamentets utenrikskomité (AFET) på besøk i Norge. Delegasjonen, ledet av komitéformann David McAllister (EPP), besøkte både Oslo, Bodø, Tromsø og Svalbard. Formålet med besøket var å lære mer om norsk nordområdepolitikk og å diskutere sikkerhet og forsvar i Arktis.

EU ministers of defence, meeting informally in Sofia on 4-5 May, reviewed advances in the framework of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) in the field of defence and discussed new projects to build further on the rapid progress made over the last two years. Following the budget proposal on 2 May which sees a 22-fold increase in EU defence spending for 2021-2027, EU High Representative Mogherini also announced her intention to present a detailed proposal by mid-June on the new European Peace Facility, an additional instrument to finance the EU's work on defence and military operations.

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini on 27 April joined foreign ministers from all NATO countries to discuss how NATO and the EU can cooperate more closely to build stability.


27 апреля Верховный Представитель ЕС Федерика Могерини присоединилась к министрам иностранных дел всех стран НАТО, с целью обсудить, каким образом НАТО и ЕС могут укрепить сотрудничество для обеспечения стабильности.