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World Maritime Day: Georgia's maritime sector is moving closer to Europe

24/09/2020 - 07:03
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Highlighting EU support to the maritime sector

To highlight EU-Georgia achievements in the maritime sector, the EU is launching the "Maritime Georgia" campaign. 

The EU has been supporting the development of the Georgian maritime sector through various project and programs, addressing a whole range of issues, including the improvement of infrastructure, reinforcement of navigational safety and security, protection of the marine environment, as well as introduction of the modern standards of education and training.

All these reforms aim to support the country in its plans to establish the institutional and legislative framework necessary for a sustainable maritime transportation system with international high standards, together with new technology and innovation, energy efficiency, digitalization and integration of maritime/port services and more.

See the factsheet for more information and read the article here.


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On the occasion of World Maritime Day, EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell has issued a statement: 

“Happy World Maritime Day, Sakartvelo (Georgia)!

Throughout history, bodies of waters have either acted to separate people and continents, or acted to unite them. Together, the European Union and Georgia have been working step-by-step to ensure that the Black Sea is becoming a bridge that is uniting us and bringing us closer together.

EU-Georgia cooperation in the maritime sphere is a largely unsung success story. Together we have worked to modernise capacities, we have raised environmental and safety standards, and we have made sure that it’s becoming an increasingly attractive trade for new people to join in a sustainable manner. This is so important for Georgia’s economy and Georgia’s vision of becoming a transport and connectivity hub in the wider region.

Already today there are more than 12,000 Georgian seafarers, who are contributing some five hundred million lari to the Georgian state budget every year.  Last year alone we saw a 40% increase of container traffic going through Georgian ports, which shows the potential for further growth.

Together we have made sure that Georgia is fulfilling 16 out of 22 EU directives and regulations and we are currently working on the first ever Georgian Maritime Strategy. Our work has already made it possible for Georgian seafarers’ education and their certificates to be recognized by no less than 20 European states.  This makes it possible for Georgian seafarers to work on board or even captain European vessels.

Let me end this statement by expressing my sincere thanks to all the Georgian seafarers and maritime workers, who during these difficult COVID days have been working around the clock to make sure that goods and supplies are passing through Georgian ports, which is so important. Didi madloba (thank you)” - said Carl Hartzell, EU Ambassador to Georgia.
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