Driving EU civilian-military cooperation forward: joint meeting in Mogadishu by the EU Civilian Operations Commander and the Director of the EU Military Planning and Conduct Capability

30/05/2018 - 09:49
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Mutual support and cooperation between the three EU Missions deployed in the Horn of Africa was discussed at the meeting between Kenneth Deane, Civilian Operations Commander and his military counterpart, Esa Pulkkinen, Director of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability on 24 May in Mogadishu.

EU deploys three Missions on the Horn of Africa

Currently, the EU deploys three Missions on the Horn of Africa. The civilian EU Capacity Building Mission (EUCAP Somalia) supports, after 25 years of conflict, security sector institutions and related legislation for improved maritime security.  The military EU Naval Force ATALANTA counters piracy off the Somalia coast and protects World Food Programme and other vulnerable vessels. The military EU Training Mission trains and advises the Somali Defence Sector.

All three EU Missions are committed to making Somalia a safer country. The situation in the field is characterised by great complexity and can't be addressed by a single actor alone. Not only in Somalia, but in many theatres of operation, the military are key partners to the ten current civilian CSDP Missions. Civilian-military cooperation is one of the permanent, yet constantly evolving features of the EU integrated approach and continues to increase in response to new challenges.

Director Deane and Lieutenant General Pulkkinen visited the Missions and Operations under their respective commands and seized the opportunity to discuss current and future EU civilian-military cooperation in Somalia.