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Gender Training to FACA

04/01/2021 - 09:56
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The EUTM RCA has been contributing since 2016 to the reform of the Defense Sector in the Central African Republic, working towards the goal of a modern, effective, and democratically responsible Armed Forces (FACA). EUTM RCA has moved into its third mandate, continuing undertaking Strategic Advice, Education and Operational Training to the FACA.


All the EUTM activities are carried out in the framework of the Security Sector Reform process. The Mission incorporates a gender perspective in its staff procedures and assessments, which brings efficiency to the actions on the ground.

In close coordination with other organizations, EUTM has participated in Human Rights and Gender-related events, promoting the critical significance of gender equality, throughout gender mainstreaming and information among local authorities and institutions.

In the education area, EUTM has developed some modules in, Human Rights, Gender, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, for FACA units. Throughout a gender-focused training, in all courses, the FACA militaries are aware of the importance of these matters in the construction of fairer, safer and more efficient armed forces.

Contacts with International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and other Organizations operating in the mission area dealing with Gender topics, are essential to maintain a Gender Awareness.

Much work has to be done. Nevertheless, we are moving forward integrating a gender perspective on the contribution to gender equality and women’s empowerment for a better and more efficient Central African Republic Armed Forces having in mind that we are “Plus Fort Ensemble”.

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