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Online interactive workshop “Europe 2050: Deep dive into the EU Green Deal”

09/12/2020 - 12:29
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On 11 December from 12.00 to 15.00 an interactive immersion - workshop on the EU Green Deal is organised by Living Lab in partnership with the EU Delegation to Russia. The EU Green Deal is a comprehensive strategy - the very first of its kind globally - to reach complete climate neutrality by 2050.

European Commission representatives Fabien Porcher, Federico Porra and Ana Rios Olmedo will analyze the European Green Deal road maps and sector and industry specific strategies. Russian climate experts Igor Makarov, Mikhail Yulkin, Tatiana Lanshina, Natlia Zaitseva, Ekaterina Egorova and Angelina Davydova will work with workshop participants in a participatory process aimed at deep- and self-learning.

What does climate neutrality mean in practice? What are the learnings we can get from the massive work done by the EU legislators about how different sectors need to transform and adapt? These and other questions will be discussed by participants.  

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A limited number of places is available, Living Lab will select 35 participants to take part in the workshop.