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10th EU-Japan Digital Strategies Workshop

23/09/2020 - 09:27

Online event

We are pleased to inform you of this forthcoming workshop which will provide an opportunity for European and Japanese industries and stakeholders to present their viewpoints to public authorities in charge of digital policy in the EU and in Japan. 

The 10th EU-Japan Digital Strategies Workshop, co-chaired by the European Union and the Japanese government, will take place over two afternoons on 1 and 2 October in an online format

On this occasion, the 10th EU-Japan Digital Strategies Workshop will provisionally cover the following topics over the course of the two days.
On Day 1 (16:00~18:45 Tokyo time): 5G and Beyond 5G; Cyber Security; Digital for Climate Change and Smart Cities; and Artificial Intelligence will be addressed.
On Day 2 (16:00-18:30 Tokyo time): Platforms; Data; and, Trust Services, will be covered.  

This event is only open to private companies (both Japanese and European Companies in the digital sector). 

Please sign up here to register for this event. (Deadline: 12:00 on Tuesday 29 September.) 

To register please include the following information: Name, Position, Company, Email Address. Once received we will confirm your registration by email after our internal screening.   

Furthermore, if your company would like to make a contribution to one or more of the above sessions, in the first instance please contact us by email at the following address:

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