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Build-up resilience and equitable access to basic social protection programmes

09/07/2016 - 16:58
Public Health and Social Protection

The project aims to ensure the empowerment of the most marginalized groups and improve their resilience and access to basic social protection programmes in Maputo, Matola, Beira, Tete and Nampula municipalities in Mozambique.

On one hand, the action will support the effective implementation of the National Basic Social Security Strategy (ENSSB II) including access to cash transfers and social services as well as health, education and productive social action programmes. On the other hand, the project will develop other drivers of resilience, empowering individuals through home-based personalised social support and their representative organisations to become agents of change. There are four main result areas:

1: Access to basic social protection and personalised social support (PSS) is effectively improved in the municipalities of Maputo, Matola, Beira, Tete and Nampula for most marginalised groups, in particular women and men with disabilities.

2: MGCAS plans an upgrade of social protection systems based on field-testing of innovative pilot initiatives with NSAs and LAs.

3: DPOs/CSOs, LAs and social protection institutions have increased capacities to fuel effective inclusive local development (ILD) for a greater inclusion of most marginalised groups to social protection programmes, in particular women and men with disabilities.

4: Municipal and provincial multi-stakeholders' groups (MSGs) jointly assess the situation of most marginalised groups and plan their inclusion at local level in basic social protection programmes and mainstream services.


Total Cost (EUR): 1 812 574.65

EU contracted amount (EUR): 1 359 430.99

Duration: February 2015 - July 2019


Funding Instrument: DCI - Non State Actors and Local Authorities in development

Benefitting zone: Mozambique

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