The Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)


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Good morning,

It is nice to see you again. It has been a busy summer, a hectic summer, and things have not finished yet.

Today, we are going to have a meeting that will be dominated by the events in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will be the backdrop of our discussions today.

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Good afternoon, or better good evening,

We started today’s Foreign Affairs Council with a discussion on the external and geopolitical impact of the new digital technologies. These technologies are crucial for our societies and economies. They are becoming an object and a driver of geopolitical competition and global influence. Certainly, global actors are using these new technologies to manipulate the information environment, to influence our public debates and to interfere in our democratic processes.

The Council today decided to extend until 30 June 2022 the mandates of two of its Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) civilian missions, the European Union Border Assistance Mission for the Rafah Crossing Point (EUBAM Rafah) and the European Union Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories (EUPOL COPPS). The missions are part of wider EU efforts in support of Palestinian state building.

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Good afternoon,

Thank you, Minister [of National Defence of Portugal, João Gomes Cravinho]. Portugal has organised a wonderful meeting in a wonderful setting and the meeting has delivered quite well.

The European Union (EU) and the Government of Jordan concluded today the joint Security Cluster meeting, which included the 8th meeting of the Subcommittee on Justice and Security. The meeting asserted the need to further enhance cooperation in the security area, including counter-terrorism, countering violent extremism and the financing of terrorism, border control, to mitigate the impact of the increasingly challenging regional circumstances and to reinforce the rule of law.


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Well we had three different meetings today, maybe to celebrate that it was our first physical encounter since last August – soon it will be one year. We decided to hold three different meetings.

In light of a changing security environment, the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy (EUGS) started a
process of closer cooperation in security and defence. EU Member States agreed to step up the European Union’s work
in this area and acknowledged the need for enhanced coordination, increased investment and more cooperation in
developing defence capabilities.