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European Security and Defence College (ESDC)

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) was established in 2005, with the aim of providing strategic-level education in European Security and Defence Policy, now Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). It followed thorough need analysis and experimentation phases. The creation of the ESDC was to give the Common Security and Defence Policy a training and education instrument which actively promotes a European security culture.

EU Member States participate in the effort on a voluntary basis. The training audience includes civil servants, diplomats, police officers, and military personnel from the EU Member States and EU institutions involved in CSDP. Partner countries and other international organisations are also invited to participate in some of the ESDC courses. In its first 5 years, the ESDC has developed into a key strategic CSDP training provider.

The ESDC is a network college. Several national universities, academies, colleges and institutes contribute to the success of the ESDC. The network members are well known civilian and military educational and research institutions in Europe.

The objective of the ESDC is to provide Member States and EU Institutions with knowledgeable personnel able to work efficiently on CSDP matters. In pursuing this objective, the College makes a major contribution to a better understanding of CSDP in the overall context of CFSP and to promoting a common European security culture.

The ESDC training programme includes all training activities and comprises courses, seminars, conferences, exercises and workshops.

ESDC Training Programme: September 2017 - February 2018



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Over the years, the ESDC has developed over 50 different training activities, most of them with a regional or horizontal focus. Two of the more general courses are on the Common Foreign and Security Policy itself, at newcomer level in the case of the CSDP Orientation Course and at strategic leadership level in the case of the CSPD High Level Course. The other courses/seminars/conferences focus on horizontal (e.g. peacebuilding) and regional (e.g. Western Balkan) issues. Specific training programmes for partners (e.g. Eastern Partners) and skills based courses (e.g. mediation) complement the academic programme of the college.


ESDC Bodies
Head of the ESDC
Responsibility for organising and managing ESDC training activities and for the financial and administrative management of the ESDC
Mr. Dirk Dubois
Steering Committee
Responsibility for the overall co-ordination and direction of the ESDC training
Mr. Michael Swann
Executive Academic Board
activitiesResponsibility for ensuring the quality and coherence of the ESDC training activities
Dr. Mircea Mindrescu
National College of Home Affairs (Romania)
Responsibility to assist the Head of the ESDC in fulfilling his tasks


EAB configurations
EAB.SSR (Security Sector Reform) Board
Mr. Claes Nilsson
Folke Bernadotte Academy
EAB.IG (Implementation Group)
Dr. Harald Gell
Austrian Military Academy
EAB.eLCIP (eLearning, Cyber Security and Internet Performance) Board
Dr. Jochen Rehrl


 ENLIST nominators

ENLIST is a secure Internet application for nominating participants to the courses of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).

Each Member State has a limited number of ENLIST national points of contact (ENLIST POCs) that are responsible for registering selected participants from that Member State (from various ministries and services) for ESDC courses.

Here is the list of ENLIST POCs in the EU Member States.

Country Last Name First Name E-mail Institution
Austria AGATHONOS Philipp Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Security Policy Department
Austria KICK Sandra National Defence Academy
Belgium SASSEL Vincent Belgian Military Representation to EU
Belgium Paindaveine Jacques OF-3, BEL A
Bulgaria APOSTOLOV Kiril   Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute
Bulgaria SIMEONOVA Sibina Ministry of Defence
Bulgaria BOGDANOVA Marusia Ministry of Defence
Croatia DŽIDIĆ  Anamarija Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Croatia MATELJAK Goran Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Cyprus Dionysiou Dionysis Cyprus Permanent Representation to the EU
Cyprus MAKRIYIANNIS Christos Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Czech Republic KRAUS Milan Personnel Agency of the Czech Armed Forces
Czech Republic HAVLISTA Petr Ministry of Defence
Czech Republic LISKOVA Jana Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Czech Republic Jeřábková Věra Diplomatic Academy
Czech Republic VINTROVA Bernadeta Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Denmark Froik Birgit Permanent representation
Denmark Dam Signe MFA
Denmark Varnild  Anna Cecilie Niras on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Estonia ABEL Piia Estonian Ministry of Defence
Estonia LOMAN Evelin MFA Estonia
Finland ANTILA Johanna MFA
France SOUFI  Ilham IHEDN


France TRILLON  Titaina Ministry of Foreign Affairs
France GUIBERT Thomas FR PermRep
France TABIT Mohamed FR PermRep
Germany NOLTE Markus MarkusChristianNolte@BMVg.BUND.DE German MoD - CSDP Branch
Germany PIETSCH Michael Federal Foreign Office
Greece DASKALOPOULOS Georgios Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Greece CHOTZOGLOU Polina Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CFSP Directorate
Greece GKOLEMIS Christos MFA
Hungary GONDA MELINDA MÁRIA Ministry of Defence
Hungary GYöRGY Vass Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ireland BIRCHALL Carmel Department of Defence, International Security and Defence Policy Branch
Ireland NOLAN Marian Department of Defence, ISDP Branch
Italy MACCHITELLA Cosimo Italian Defence General Staff
Italy MENGA Paolina Agenzia Dogane/Customs Agency
Italy CALIANO Daniele Ministry of Interior, Segreteria Direttore Centrale per gli Affari Generali della Polizia di Stato 
Italy VINCI Silvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Latvia ZVIRGZDA Raima Ministry of Defence
Latvia SILE  Ieva MFA
Lithuania DAVALGA Adomas Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
Lithuania GALIAUSKAS Darius Lithuanian Armed Forces, Training Administration Subdivision
Luxembourg Niles Paul Perm Rep
Luxembourg CRAUSER Jeanne Ministère des Affaires étrangères, Délégation auprès du COPS/UE
Malta GALEA ROBERTS Neville Armed Forces of Malta
Netherlands VAN ROSSUM Rianna MOD NLD
Netherlands DEBETZ  Yvonne Foreign Affairs
Poland MIZURA Grzegorz MoD
Poland ZUR Jacek MFA
Portugal CARMO Rui MFA
Portugal VICENTE Paula MFA
Romania GRIGORESCU Dan Ministry of  Foreign Affairs
Romania PETCU Adina MFA
Slovakia ŠKODA Jan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Slovakia HROMADOVA Bibiana MFA
Slovenia AUPIČ Nika Permanent Representation of the Republic of Slovenia to the EU
Slovenia SLEVEC Ana MOD
Sweden BOCHU Annie MFA
United Kingdom BEAUMONT Gareth Foreign and Commonwealth Office

To register for a course, contact one of the ENLIST POCs in your Member State.

In case the POC for your Member State is not displayed in the list, please contact the ESDC, e-mail:

Contact the European Security and Defence College at ESDC Secretariat

EEAS/ESDC, C-115 02/10, Brussels 1046, Belgium
Phone: +32 2 584 6217
Fax: +32 2 584 6935


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