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Global Strategy will allow EU to meet its huge potential – Mogherini

11/10/2016 - 20:06
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The European Union must make full use of its huge potential outside its borders if it is to meet the expectations of its own citizens, and this is the main goal of the EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy, High Representative Federica Mogherini said in a keynote speech in Stockholm.

“So this is showing us the huge potential of the European Union’s instruments when we really use them and when we really believe we have the possibility to use them for good purposes,” Mogherini told her audience. “And the Global Strategy’s aim is exactly this: making full use of our potential, realising it can serve the citizens’ interest at best.”

The Global Strategy, Mogherini’s blueprint for EU External Action, was presented to EU leaders at their summit in June.  

“Because sometimes we don’t realise but we are already a super-power as a European Union,” the High Representative continued. “We are the first economy in the world, we are the biggest market in the world, we are the biggest provider of foreign investment in the world, we are the biggest humanitarian aid provider and we are the biggest development cooperation provider in the world… We have with our network of diplomatic presence in the world combined – European Union offices plus all our embassies combined – the most connected diplomatic network in the world and this showed very clearly when we managed to mobilise a consensus around the climate change agreement that was finally ratified by us just last week.”

Mogherini said that the EU had not yet made full use of the tools at its disposal because of a lack of political will and self-confidence.  She pointed to the potential for deeper cooperation on security and defence, where she plans to unveil new initiatives before the end of the year.

“We do have some hard power already, but maybe there is something else we can do at the service of our diplomatic work, at the service of our humanitarian work, at the service of our development work,” she continued, pointing out that the Sustainable Development Goals state that there is no development without security and no security without development, and call on the EU to do more on providing security.

She also underlined that the Global Strategy goes well beyond the issue of security: “Only the European Union can mix and match trade policies, environment policies, aid, development but also some sort of security work.”

“The work on the implementation of the Strategy will start from one point - working to build resilience of countries and societies around us… And when you touch this, you touch indeed the issue of good governance, access to resources, human rights, women empowerment, jobs for young people, good education and you could continue.”

“Second is the integrated approach to conflicts and crises. We are the only ones that have the tools to intervene from the early, early, early warning to the conflict prevention, to the crisis management, to the post-conflict reconstruction and stabilisation and, to make sure that after the acute crisis, a new crisis does not come again in a couple of years' time,” Mogherini said.

Following the success of last week’s Brussels Conference on Afghanistan, the High Representative noted that the EU is uniquely able to provide space for countries in conflict to reflect: “The EU can provide this open space for quiet mediation and negotiation, looking for the common ground, for the win-win situation in conflicts and crises that are otherwise difficult to solve, looking at different levels of need of intervention – the local, the regional and the global.”


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