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The European Union and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) have completed the 1st phase of the distribution of Covid19 related medical supplies to 153 hospitals all across Tajikistan

Dushanbe, 11/06/2020 - 16:08, UNIQUE ID: 200611_8
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The European Union Delegation to Tajikistan in close partnership with UNICEF Tajikistan and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Tajikistan has completed the first batch of the distribution of personal protective equipment to frontline medical professionals critical in the country’s battle against COVID-19.

The Delegation of the European Union in Tajikistan together with UNICEF Tajikistan and Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Republic of Tajikistan are finalising the distribution of the first 24.7 tons delivered as part of the European Union’s contribution to Tajikistan's emergency COVID-19 response. The distribution of personal protective equipment more specifically includes thermometers, protective overalls, and N95/FFP type masks that will be delivered to 153 prioritised hospitals all across the country.  The list of hospitals has been identified by the Ministry of Health and Social and has been drawn up according to urgent needs, available stocks and the principle of non-duplication of support from other donors. The supplies have been delivered directly to hospitals by the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan, in line with the attached distribution list. Additional medical equipment and materials provided by the Swiss Development Agency for Cooperation in Tajikistan, have also been distributed at the same time in the spirit of strengthening partnerships to support the Government of Tajikistan in fighting the Covid19 pandemic.

PDF iconEU Timeframe for PPE Distribution Tajikistan- The distribution list of personal protective equipment in the hospitals of Tajikistan.


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 On April 7th, the European Union announced a global plan for a robust and targeted response to support global partner countries efforts in tackling the COVID19 pandemic. As part of this plan, the EU is providing Tajikistan with an additional 48 MEUR to strengthen the preparedness of the country to tackle the negative impacts of COVID19, support continuity of health- and education services, as well as strengthening the availability of adequate water and sanitation systems and the resilience of SME’s in the agribusiness sector as part of mitigating the socio economic impacts of the pandemic. The Health Development Programme funded by the European Union has been running in Tajikistan since 2008, focusing mainly on primary health care, health governance and financing. In the new phase for (2020-2025), the EU will invest 30 MEUR in strengthening public health system to achieve universal health coverage in Tajikistan. In response to covid-19, the programme components on infection prevention and control and integrated primary health care service delivery, will receive additional funding for a total of 22 MEUR, increasing the total funds available under the programme to 52 MEUR. The programme will cover all regions in Tajikistan and will be implemented by UNICEF, GIZ and WHO. 

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UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) works in 190 countries to help the most disadvantaged children. Established in 1946, the UN Children's Fund works with partners to overcome the issues children face due to poverty, violence, disease and discrimination. UNICEF began its work in Tajikistan in 1993. For more information on COVID-19 and guidance on how to protect children and families, go to: M5F9

UNICEF Tajikistan has been committed to support key partners from the Government of Tajikistan and since February, at the request of the Government, has procured and delivered four batches of PPEs, disinfectant and hygiene-related supplies. UNICEF is also a lead on Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE), working through partners to produce vital communication materials to support COVID-19 prevention in public places, including hospitals and primary health facilities, building capacities of medical professionals and frontline workers in the scope of partnership with different organizations to adequately respond to the threat of the COVID19.

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