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Forging a common international approach to the crisis in Venezuela

08/02/2019 - 18:09

The International Contact Group on Venezuela held its first meeting in Montevideo on 7 February 2019 discussing the minimum conditions for a political transition process towards new Presidential elections, with all the necessary conditions and guarantees in conformity with the Constitution.

Contributing to a political, peaceful and democratic solution is the best and the only possible outcome if we want to avoid more suffering in Venezuela, the EU High Representative and Vice-President Federica Mogherini said at the inaugural meeting of the International Contact Group (ICG) on Venezuela. The Group aims to forge a common international approach to support a peaceful, political, democratic and Venezuelan owned resolution to the crisis in the country.

“In the EU, we have been exploring the idea of a contact group for a few months. In view of the latest developments, the European Union and its Member States decided to accelerate the process because it is necessary to react and to try to open new political spaces”, Mogherini said.

The meeting, hosted by President of Uruguay Tabaré Vázquez, was attended by the EU, and representatives of Germany, Bolivia, Costa Rica, France, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

“It is clear that the solution must come from the people of Venezuela”, Mogherini stressed while noting the importance of an international initiative for accompanying a peaceful and democratic solution to the current crisis through free, transparent and credible presidential elections.

Mogherini urged for a common and concerted approach from regional and international actors. “This is the intention of the group: to promote a common understanding of the situation and a concerted approach from the international community,” she said. This applies also to humanitarian assistance to the country, which needs to be channelled in the best and most efficient way to address the deepening humanitarian crisis.

The objective of the International Contact Group is to, within a limited timeframe of 90 days, promote a common understanding and a more concerted approach among key international actors on the situation in Venezuela aiming at a peaceful and democratic solution to the current crisis.

It will help build trust and create the necessary conditions for a credible process to emerge, in line with the relevant provisions of the Venezuelan Constitution. This should enable Venezuelans to determine their own future, through the holding of new elections with all guarantees for a free and fair electoral process, supervised by international independent observers.