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La décision prise aujourd'hui par le Parlement turc d'autoriser la levée de l'immunité parlementaire d'un grand nombre de membres du Parlement constitue un sujet de grave préoccupation. Conformément aux recommandations internationales pertinentes, l'immunité doit s'appliquer à tous de manière non discriminatoire et les décisions relatives à la levée de l'immunité doivent être basées sur les éléments de fond de chaque cas, répondre à des critères transparents, et n'être soumises à aucune considération politique.


The EU Delegation to India invites photo-journalists from print and electronic media to send proposals.

Today's decision by the Turkish Parliament to permit the lifting of parliamentary immunity of a large number of Members of Parliament is a matter of serious concern. In line with relevant international recommendations, immunity must apply to all on a non-discriminatory basis and decisions on lifting immunity must be based on the merits of each specific case, according to transparent criteria and not subject to any political considerations.


The Delegation organised a friendly football game between Emirati officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU diplomats accredited to the country.

On 9 May, an opera recital was held under the patronage of the UAE's Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

Brussels, 20 May 2016 

Thank you very much, Jens. It is a pleasure to be back. You highlighted in a perfect way how, during this one year and a half of our parallel mandates, we have really energised and intensified the cooperation between the European Union and NATO. It was our intention to do so and, indeed, the preparation for the Warsaw Summit in July and of the European Council taking place a few weeks before, will create an excellent synergy for highlighting the fields where working together brings an added-value.


High Representative Federica Mogherini today attended the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels, where she welcomed the close cooperation on a number of issues between the European Union and NATO.

Allocution de S.E.M. Nicolas BERLANGA-MARTINEZ, Ambassadeur, Chef de la Délégation de l’union européenne au Togo